Ungasan has much in common with its renowned neighbour, Uluwatu. Similar to Uluwatu, Ungasan features awe-inspiring vistas from dramatic clifftops, deserted white sand beaches and an ample array of the high-end dining venues catering to travellers of all ages and tastes. Here are our nine picks for the best restaurants in Ungasan.

1. GaRaSi

GaRaSi restaurant and bar is set in a traditional open-sided Joglo house and features a simple and cosy ambience. Serving a wide array of reasonably priced and authentic Indonesian dishes and succulent seafood barbecue (the mahi-mahi is amazing), GaRaSi also specialises in mouth-watering desserts. If you want to sample some local delicacies, finish your meal with the traditional rice pudding.

Garasi Resto Ungasan Bali

2. Bukit Cafe

Bukit Cafe is a casual, tiny venue tucked away from the beach and set along Jalan Labuansait. It offers an incredible range of cuisines ranging from local Indonesian hearty Western fare. Add to that the ample healthy and vegan options – Bukit Cafe really does appease all palates.

Bukit Cafe Ungasan Bali

3. My Kitchen

If you are feel like sampling something a bit more exotic than the usual range of Indonesian and Western fare, opt for My Kitchen, a restaurant serving authentic Vietnamese food. Besides the deliciously fresh Vietnamese dishes, the restaurant also serves authentic Malaysian cuisine to diversify your Indonesian diet.

My Kitchen Ungasan Bali

4. Puti Intan

An unassuming local eatery, Puti Intan serves authentic Minang cuisine hailing from Sumatra. Don’t leave this popular warung without trying their beef rendang – this aromatic curry dish was once voted the best food in the world. Do you agree? Puti Intan is centrally located on Jalan Raya Uluwatu, making for a convenient pitstop on the way to the beach.

Puti Intan Restaurant Ungasan Bali

5. Kat’s Kitchen

Kat’s Kitchen celebrates Thai fusion cuisine, inviting guests to sample bold and hearty South-Asian dishes prepared with a modern touch. Friendly ambience, impeccable service and elaborate menu make this venue stand out. Kat’s Kitchen is one of the most popular restaurants in Ungasan, packing a full house on most nights, so making a reservation is highly recommended.

Kat's Kitchen Ungasan Bali

6. Black Rose Resto

Affordable and simple, Black Rose Resto is an appealing tiny eatery that offers a choice between tables set outside in the garden and inside the dining room. The diner serves a wide array of Asian dishes as well as vegan and organic fare, catering to those leading a healthy lifestyle.

Black Rose Restaurant Ungasan Bali

7. Pit Stop

Travellers who prefer a fat and juicy burger to a low-calorie salad will feel ride at home at Pit Stop, a roadside eatery serving mouth-watering steaks, grilled food, burgers and other American and Mexican favourites.

Pit Stop Ungasan Bali

8. Waroeng Jadul Blangkon

A popular local eatery, Waroeng Jadul Blangkon attracts backpackers travelling on a budget to join the crowds of local savouring the delicious Balinese cuisine. The relaxed warung is a great place to sip a cold Bintang, socialise and swap stories with fellow-travellers. Sample their chicken curry, or if you’re craving for something lighter, try their authentic spring rolls, a delightful starter loved by both locals and foreigners alike.

Waroeng Jadul Blangkon Ungasan Bali

9. Sushi Ulu Wasabi

Sushi Ulu Wasabi is one of the best Japanese restaurants on the Bukit peninsula and also one of the most frequented by Bali expats living in the Uluwatu area. All ingredients used to prepare rolls are locally sourced, maximising both freshness and quality. Besides the wide range of sushi, sashimi and rolls, the restaurant also serves amazing salads and traditional soups.

Sushi Ulu Wasabi Ungasan Bali

Getting hungry? As you can see, Ungasan offers much ore than just great ocean views and stellar surfing. Turns out, the area is also a foodie heaven! Which one of these restaurants in Ungasan would you like to try first?

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