There are some villas that literally take your breath away when you first step in, and Taman Ahimsa is definitely one of them. Where do you even start with this awe-inspiring property?

Maybe with the main building that is architecturally designed to be shaped like a colossal wooden sailboat; or the five different stunning bedroom pavilions that resemble impressive island huts scattered around the property; or just even that amazing view of the ocean that laps onto the black sand volcanic beach. Could it just be the personal, unique story that comes with the Taman Ahimsa – a need to find balance within yourself and open your chakra’s (of which all its seven bedrooms are named and decorated after a chakra)? Choose any of the above!

Taman Ahimsa Welcome
Taman Ahimsa Outdoor View
Taman Ahimsa Lounge | Seseh-Tanah Lot, Bali

Taman Ahimsa: The Microcosm of Bali

Our recent visit to Taman Ahimsa was a very relaxing one, and our entourage felt like Royalty, having the entire 4,500sqm space to ourselves. There is something about sitting anywhere in the property and still being able to watch (and listen) to the waves that are so close by that makes you feel very much at ease.

Taman Ahimsa uses organic material for its various building components and that enhances the ambience of the natural surrounding. For example, there are high-vaulted thatched roof ceilings, rattan furniture, bamboo veneers, as well as several Indonesian artwork and fabric, all adding to the Earthy-feel.

Taman Ahimsa Media Room | Seseh-Tanah Lot, Bali


The private estate offers accommodation that sleeps up to fourteen people across its seven large regal guest suites. They are all named and shaped after the chakras (energy points) found in Hinduism. Each room has a large king size poster bed as well as private terraces – perfect for us as we sat around to chat every other night.

Four of the five rooms that are located on the first level have alfresco showers – a very interesting experience to be had!

Taman Ahimsa Master Bedroom | Seseh-Tanah Lot, Bali

Swim and Relax

The azure blue infinity pool that sits right in front of the ocean is ionized, which provides a healthier experience as compared to chlorinated pools. There are two pool bales and several sunbeds that are scattered around the lush green gardens where you’ll find great to catch a tan. The estate provides you with canoes and floats that the kids we had with us truly loved to play with.

Taman Ahimsa Pool Bale

Avoid heading out to the beach when the tide is high because the currents are strong, and instead take note as the villa staff will change the flag to yellow later in the day to give you the signal that its safe to take a dip.

Relax at Taman Ahimsa
Relaxing by the pool at Taman Ahimsa

What we loved

Chilling by the pool was our first love. After which, spending time having an intimate and scrumptious outdoor dinner served to us was even better!

Taking long strolls on the beach when the tide was low was idyllic. We were one of the only few foreigners along the beach, so don’t worry too much if you get approached by the friendly locals while walking! The locals bring their family and dogs, some of them are riding their bikes along the beach around while others are fishing.

Taman Ahimsa Private Beach

The food was excellent – we had both an Indonesian fare and western meal over the course of our stay. The way it was prepared, decorated and served was truly commendable. We had freshly squeezed orange soda every other day which was also such a pleasant and refreshing reprieve from the heat.

Team Lunch at Taman Ahimsa

The villa manager and staff were world-class. Everything you asked would be done within a split second and you know you’re always going to be well taken care of!

We would say that Taman Ahmisa in itself is a microcosm of Bali, a place of such great splendour that somehow any stressful thoughts of city-living will be dissolved. We’d definitely encourage several night’s stay at the property to take in its true beauty… after which we are sure that you’ll never want to leave.

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