Hands down my favourite spot in Bali. Imagine Johnny Depp as an interior decorator – it’s like Salvador Dali’s workshop. The place comes alive at night (literally, they have a macau, a ferret, fish and other strange animals all over this place). La Favela Restaurant in Seminyak is worth just popping in and having a look – The decor has to be seen to be believed. Make sure you check out the enchanted garden out the back.

The food

The food is only very simple, meat is served with no sides unless you order some. A great tapas menu but quite limited. Main meals are not cheap nor is the wine or cocktails. Worth checking out simply as there is nothing else like this place in Bali. But as far as food goes it gets a 7/10 from our team.

Something a little different in Seminyak

La Favela Restaurant Menu

La Favela Restaurant Bar

La Favela Restaurant in Seminyak

La Favela Restaurant Eagle

La Favela Restaurant Table Art