Bali in Indonesia with its marvellous blend of white sand beaches, rainforests, historic temples and perfect waves is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Fondly known as ‘paradise on earth’, you can see why Bali is one of the most visited places across the globe.


Experience it to Believe it

For many years Bali has attracted surfers from around the globe, mostly because of the waves are perfect for surfing. Lush greenery, arts and old heritage only add to its many attractions. The origin of surfing in Bali can be traced back to 1936, when Bob Koke with his wife Louise, American citizens, opened the Bali Hotel on the Kuta Beach.

Bob began surfing with his friends in Kuta, the place that was virtually unknown by surfers then, later started gathering attention. It was only in the 1960’s after the discovery of Bukit peninsula that surfers started pouring into Bali.


Riding the Waves in Bali

There are many factors to consider when talking about why surfers prefer Bali over other surfing destinations. The primary reasons for Bali being a hotspot for surfing is its warm climate, less crowded than other surf destinations, waves to surf all year around and a blend of varied breaks.

The best months to surf in Bali are June, July and August, which means that surfers from across the globe gather eagerly to ride the waves in these months. With a good number of beaches large crowds is hardly ever an issue with surfers. Some of the best beaches to surf are Bukit, Padang Padang, Kuta, Seminyak and Bingin among many others.

Surfing the Waves in Bali

Beginners who would want to surf need not worry as there are quite a few number of Bali surf schools and training institutes that provide surfing lessons. These schools also provide you with all the essentials like surfboards, rash guards and surf apparel.

Renting surf boards is easy with prices ranging from USD $5 a day to USD $60 for a month. New boards bear a price tag of USD $300 and above. Minor damages to the boards can be easily fixed at various shops around the beaches. So free your schedule and gear up to ride some of the best waves in Bali!


Where to Surf in Bali?

Kuta Beach is hands down, the most popular spot in Bali for surfers at a beginner level. The swell at Kuta Beach is relatively easy to defeat since the waves are quite consistent with an average height of one to three feet. There are plenty of surf schools lining the beach along with lifeguards on constant lookout, posing Kuta as a safe learning spot for novice surfers.

If you’re after a relaxing surf break with waves not-too extreme, then Canggu Beach is the place to go! There are a variety of beach and reef breaks here, making it a popular spot for beginners and experts. This is a gorgeous site for sunset surf and is quieter than Kuta.

Uluwatu, considered as the Mecca for surfing in Bali is the most popular spot for pros and is crowded all year round. The walk through the Uluwatu temple, down the reef and through the cave will bring you to The Peak with the most consistent waves.

Uluwatu has several risks with shallow water, reefs and tide changes, suitable only for the experts! Don’t forget to bring your reef booties! The average height of waves here is about four feet.

Another popular spot for pro surfers is the Padang Padang Beach on the Bukit Peninsula. Known as the Balinese Pipeline, this is where most of the surf competitions are held every year. The wave here is the most dangerous and hollow with size ranging from 4 to 12 feet!

Surfing in Bali

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