Shopping in Chaweng is diverse and just plain fun! Featuring a large number of high-end boutiques, spacious shopping malls, local bazaars and tiny standalone shops, we promise you won’t leave Samui empty handed. Here are our picks for the best shopping in Chaweng!

1. Central Festival Samui

A recent addition to Chaweng’s shopping scene, Central Festival Samui is a large shopping mall located in the centre of Chaweng, housing numerous local brand stores and reputable international labels under one roof. You’ll find a wide selection of apparel, sportswear, shoes, bags and other accessories, as well as spa product outlets, a mini-market and several cafes and fast food outlets located on the first two floors of the mall.

Central Festival Samui Chaweng Koh Samui Thailand

2. Chaweng Night Market

The night market in Chaweng offers a fantastic range of dining options, attracting locals, expats and visitors to savour genuine Thai fare. There are a few street stalls catering to the needs of holiday-makers. Selling an ample selection of souvenirs, gifts and clothes, you can browse the goods and pick out something unique and exotic to take back home.

Chaweng Night Market Koh Samui Thailand

3. Chaweng Centre Shopping Plaza

Chanweng Centre Shopping Plaza is a cluster of tourist-oriented stores offering designer bags and accessories (fake, of course), bijouterie, luggage, gadgets, Thai silk and natural spa products. Try your hand at bargaining – you might just be able to score an amazing deal.

Chaweng Centre Shopping Plaza Koh Samui Thailand

4. Chandra

For more sophisticated shopping in, head to Chandra, an exclusive fashion boutique located in the centre of Chaweng. The selection here is a cut above the clothes sold in the street-stalls. The boutique provides a collection of chic apparel for women sourced from around Asia, featuring exceptional quality and amazing fabrics, perfect for the hot tropical climate.

Chandra Shop Chaweng Koh Samui Thailand

5. Iyara Shopping Plaza

Iyara Shopping Plaza is located within the Iyara Beach Hotel complex in the northern part of Chaweng. Featuring world-famous brands like Lacoste, Nike, Pierre Cardin and more, this shopping centre invites visitors to shop in ultimate comfort in a stylish air-conditioned setting. Once you start feeling peckish, the mall houses a chic cafe, Le Croissanterie, where you can savour amazing bakery goods and gather strength before another round of shopping .

Iyara Shopping Plaza Chaweng Koh Samui Thailand

6. Life’s a Beach

What’s a holiday without new a bikini – or three? If you are planning to do some swimsuit shopping in Chaweng, then this is the right address. Life’s a Beach is one of the best bikini shops in the area, offering an incredible selection of tropically-inspired high-quality bikinis at a very reasonable cost.

Life's a Beach Shop Chaweng Koh Samui Thailand

7. Tailors

If you still can’t find anything you like, do not despair. Chaweng is a home to countless tailors shops spread throughout the village. Just bring the design or an item you want to copy, and within a couple of days, you will receive your new clothes, made just for you.

Tailors Chaweng Koh Samui Thailand

Do you have insider info regarding the best shopping in Chaweng? Share it in the comments below!

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