The name Klungkung refers to both the smallest regency in Bali and its administrative capital. The city is not very popular among tourist and remains undervalued by developers. Travellers seeking serenity and seclusion will be treated to a wide stretch of black sand beach largely void of tourists, breathtaking natural scenery and some of the last remaining untouched rainforests in Bali.

Tourist facilities in Klunkung remain rather low-key. The area doesn’t have a vast selection of restaurants and nightlife in the region is laid-back. Shopping in Klungkung caters to locals more than to holiday-makers, but you can still find some authentic and traditional souvenirs at the Klungkung night market – Pasar Seggol.

Passar Senggol – Klungkung Night Market

Pasar Senggol is located on Jalan Diponegero in the centre of town. This extensive open-air site is a favourite place of locals to shop, eat and socialise and visitors can also make great finds. Klungkung nigh market offers beautiful crafts including wood carvings, paintings, sarongs and traditional clothes. You can also find some electronics, accessories and Bintang-style souvenirs. Over all, Pasar Senggol is a great place to pick up knick-knacks and souvenirs and get a feel of local life in Klungkung.


What Else Can You Find in Klungkung Night Market?

Besides apparel, art and souvenirs, Klungkung night market also offers a colourful selection of the freshest fruits and vegetables. There are also a couple of fresh juice stalls at the market, so you can quench your thirst while wandering around the market under the scorching Bali sun.

Passar Senggol Night Market Klungkung Bali

Traditional Souvenirs and Unique Items to Bring Back Home from Bali

If you are not sure what to bring back home, pay attention to organic handmade spa products, which make an excellent gift for both men and women as they are made from the natural Bali-sourced ingredients and perfectly moisturise the skin. (They also smell amazing!)

Coffee lovers will appreciate quality Indonesian coffee beans and ground coffee. There is no better place to hunt for some delicious Bali coffee than in the tiny stores spread out through Klungkung.

Bathe Shop - shopping in Kerobokan, Bali

For more serious shopping, head over to Ubud or indulge in some retail therapy in Seminyak, where high-end boutiques intersect with local and international brand outlets and vibrant traditional art markets.