Senggigi in Lombok boasts various shops dotted throughout city. There are numerous jewellery shops, amazing fashion boutiques, arts and crafts outlets and what seems like an endless array of souvenir stores. Here are Team Ministry’s picks for the best shopping in Senggigi. Get ready to make some real finds at a great value.

1. Pasar Seni – Senggigi Market

Pasar Seni is one of the most frequented shopping hubs in Senggigi. Catering to locals and tourists alike, this open-air market sells literally everything: handicrafts and art pieces from all around Lombok, traditional souvenirs, T-shirts, sarongs, clothing… and the list goes on. The market is also a great spot for some people watching while shopping in Senggigi.

2. Asmara Collection

Asmara Collection is located close to its namesake restaurant and features an amazing collection of tribal arts sourced from across the archipelago. Hand woven textiles, intricate wooden carvings and one-of-a-kind art pieces will make a fantastic gift to take home with you.

Asmara Collection Shopping Senggigi Lombok

3. Bayan Lombok Handicraft and Tropical Gift

Bayan Lombok is another traditional art market offering a wide selection of handicrafts, souvenirs and art pieces available for purchase. Try your hand at bargaining and you could pick up souvenirs for the whole family at a terrific price. Don’t forget to smile and remember that you have to purchase the item if the vendor agrees on the price you’ve suggested – walking away at this point is considered very rude.

4. Ciokolata Boutique

Ciokolata Boutique sells tropically-inspired resort wear and casual clothing. Located next to Senggigi Jaya Market, this attractive boutique provides a wide selection of weightless dresses, sandals, hats and bags to protect your skin from the scorching tropical sun.

Ciokolata Boutique Shopping Senggigi Lombok

5. Anna’s Giftshop

Anna’s Giftshop is set on the main street Jalan Raya Senggigi close to the Rambo Petshop. Serving an ample array of quality gifts, wood carvings, handicrafts and sarongs, the shop has fixed prices, so you do not need to stress about haggling for the price.

Anna's Giftshop Shopping Senggigi Lombok

6. Sudirman Antiques Shop

Collected from across the archipelago, Sudirman Antiques Shop offers a gorgeous selection of antiques and vintage pieces. Carved figurines, hand-woven textiles, colourful sarongs, ceramics and modern wayang puppets are only a few items you will find in this treasure trove. It is well worth a visit even if you are not going to make a purchase.

Pottery Shopping What to Bring from Lombok

7. House of Pearls

Lombok is famous for its fresh and saltwater pearls. Ranging in colours and sizes, you can find countless pearls and jewellery items at House of Pearls, located in the far right corner of Senggigi Plaza.

Jewellery and Pearls Shopping What to Bring from Lombok

8. Gem Pearls

Gem Pearls is a spacious jewellery shop where you can find the finest white, cream, golden and silvery pearls framed with gold and silver. Take your pick from the wide selection of bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings. If you cant’s find anything that suits your taste, you can always order a custom-made jewellery item, which will be ready within a few days.

Gem Pearls Shopping Senggigi Lombok

9. Rosier Gold and Silver

Located on the main road of Jalan Raya Senggigi, Rosier Gold and Silver is another custom-made jewellery shop where you can order any jewellery item made according to your design. High-quality and 100% unique, a piece of jewellery from Rosier Gold and Silver could make for an amazing gift for someone special back home.

Rosier Gold and Silver Shopping Senggigi Lombok

If you still haven’t had enough of shopping in Senggigi, check out our guide to the best souvenirs to bring back home from Lombok. Happy shopping!