The day started as any other in paradise with the “serious” discussion on whether we should go to Seminyak Beach or challenge ourselves to go exploring and discover other places. Having lived in Bali for a while has taught me one thing: no matter how long you have stayed here on the island, there will always be surprises! Thus, we decided to try something new and take a trip around the south coast of the Bukit peninsula – and were rewarded tenfold with the fantastic find of Nyang Nyang Beach. Heaven has been found on what has to be one of the last remaining hidden beaches on the Island of the Gods.

The Secret Beach is Becoming Not so Secret Anymore…

While reading magazines, newspapers and blogs about Bali, I already heard rumours about picture-perfect Nyang Nyang Beach. However, I never thought it would be just quite as beautiful as it appeared in reality! The stretching white sandy shoreline, roaring turquoise ocean, a solid swell, and absolute seclusion is striking from the very first glimpse: you can feel this place is special. But if you want to witness this spot remaining in this blissful state you will need to visit sooner rather than later.

My husband told me that three years ago there was nothing except the (hundreds!) of steps going down from the towering cliff, but since he first visited there has been a large road built on the other side of the hill, wide enough for cars to pass and bring crowds of tourists. More roadworks are currently in progress, so with each passing year place will be more and more well-known and subsequently more frequently-touristed.

Yang Nyang Beach Bukit Bali

How Do I Get to Nyang Nyang?

The good news is for those adventurers amongst us, until the road is completely finished, cars cannot come to the descending point. So hop on your motorbike and head to the Pecatu area. You need to follow Jl. Uluwatu until you see the sign visible from the road indicating the turn to “Nyang Nyang Beach”. After turning to the right, you will find a narrow path which will bring you directly to the parking place on the top of the cliff.

Here just take a moment to relish in the glorious view for a while, and watch the mesmerising Indian ocean as far as the eye can see (something which I will never get enough of!). Get prepared for the long descent by the trail road or by steps (we used the newly built road route, although it is not wise if you are wearing flip-flops as the track is steep and slippery). Do take into account that you will need to climb back, so preserve some energy!

What is There to Do at Nyang Nyang?

This is your own secluded paradise, so chill out and relax with as there will be only you and your chosen companions, the white sand, crystal blue water, coral reef, and perfectly crashing waves around 50 metres away from the shore.

There may be a sole vendor who lives right on the beach in a self-made home, so ensure to add some points to your karma and buy a bottle of cool water from him to quench your thirst. There are no beach clubs, no restaurants, and no bars in Nyang Nyang. This is a secret site with the beautiful tropical landscape as your entertainment, and for those social media groupies, a plethora of Instagram-worthy spots for you to take fantastic pictures.

As an aside, good news for surfers is that there is even a world class surf spot nearby that will provide you with all waves you could want. But take into consideration, that it is not a beginner-friendly break.

Yang Nyang Beach Bukit Bali
Yang Nyang Beach Bukit Bali

So in essence, for a perfect day out, embrace the unlimited freedom, seclusion and breathtaking views of the Nyang Nyang virgin white sands! And try not to tell too many people, let’s keep it secret as long as we can.