Thailand is home to many a luxury resort, but none of them leave you filled with wonder quite like Soneva Kiri. In addition to unparalleled luxury and blissful beachside seclusion, this five-star resort offers a playful sense of whimsy and what the resort itself describes as “Barefoot Intelligent Luxury.“ Join us for a tour of Soneva Kiri, the most magical luxury resort in Thailand.

Arriving in Style

The magic of Soneva Kiri starts before you even arrive at the resort. After landing at the Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok, guests are greeted by Soneva Kiri’s airport liaison who will escort you through immigration and guide you to the Soneva Kiri check in counter. That’s right – from Bangkok, your journey to Soneva Kiri continues on a private airplane, which lands on the resort’s private airport island. From here, you’re whisked to the paradise that is Soneva Kiri on a luxury speed boat. Private airplanes and luxury speedboats? Sounds like our kind of resort.

Thailand Soneva Kiri Plane

Island Paradise

And what an island it is. Soneva Kiri is located on Koh Kood, the fourth largest island in Thailand, which also happens the least populated island in the Land of Smiles. This means guests get to enjoy Thailand’s pristine nature at its finest and steer perfectly clear of aggressive touts and other hazards of mass tourism. The views you get at Soneva Kiri range from lush jungle scenery to postcard ready beaches complete with white sand and swaying palm trees. This luxury resort in Thailand was built and continues to be operated following environmentally friendly practices, meaning the paradise island will remain a paradise for the generations to come.

Thailand Soneva Kiri Island

Villas to Die For

After getting a feel of the island, it’s time to check in to one of Soneva Kiri’s 36 villas. The villas at this luxury resort in Thailand vary from intimate one-bedroom accommodation to a palatial six-bedroom estate, with locations ranging from beachfront bliss to clifftop seclusion. All villas feature a private swimming pool and gorgeous spa-like bathrooms with a bathtub and a choice between an outdoor shower and a shower dome. Each villa is also serviced by a Mr or Mrs Friday – your own personal butler – and includes the use of a personal electric buggy. Villas with four or more bedrooms also include a water slide and a few of them feature a private gym as well.

Soneva Kiri Master Bedroom | Trat, Thailand
Soneva Kiri Garden And Pool | Trat, Thailand

Treetop Dining

There are many amazing culinary experiences available at Soneva Kiri, but the one that really stands out are the meals enjoyed in a Treepod. Seated in a beautifully crafted bamboo pod, diners are whisked high up into the treetop foliage where you get to admire amazing views of the island and ocean stretching out before you. Your chosen food and beverages are delivered up to your pod by a zip-line. We’d be willing to bet this is the only luxury resort in Thailand where you can live out your childhood’s tree house fantasies while also enjoying some five-star cuisine!

Thailand Soneva Kiri Tree Pod Dining

Chocolate & Ice Cream Heaven

The yummiest experience you can have at this luxury resort in Thailand? A visit to Soneva Kiri’s Chocolate and Ice Cream Parlour of course! The So Chilled ice cream parlour offers a choice between more than 60 different flavours of ice cream and sorbet. The So Chocaholic chocolate room, on the other hand, will leave any chocaholic feeling like they’ve died and gone to heaven. Take your pick between chocolate treats ranging from mousses to bonbons and from cookies to truffles. Sure, the kids will love this dessert cornucopia – but we’re guessing that more than a few adults will fall head over heels as well.

Thailand Soneva Kiri Chocolate

The Ultimate Playground

Speaking of kids – Soneva Kiri might just house the coolest playground of any luxury resort in Thailand. The Children’s Den is an over-ground bamboo structure built in the shape of a giant manta ray and features an Art Room, Games Room, Music Room and Library. The Den is complimentary for children aged five years and up and offers a truly magical setting for exploring the Thai culture and surrounding nature guided by Soneva Kiri’s child caretakers teach team. The Eco Den is meant for children below five and features a pool, garden, vast play areas and of course, a world of fun toys.

Thailand Soneva Kiri Children's Den

Cinema Paradiso

One of the most magical experiences to be had in Soneva Kiri is a movie night in the open-air Cinema Paradiso. Grab a plush seat beneath the starlit sky and get lost in a silver screen classic playing out on the big screen hovering above the reservoir lagoon. While enjoying a starlit movie, guests can indulge in a gourmet menu of comfort food and craft cocktails.

Soneva Kiri Cinema | Trat, Thailand

Seeing Stars

After the sun has set into the ocean lagoon and the stars appear in the skies above, it’s time to visit one of Soneva Kiri’s highlights: the resort’s private Observatory. Here, guests can gaze out into to Milky Way like never before, far removed from the light pollution of big cities. Visiting astronomers will help you decipher the mysteries of the galaxy and guide you in identifying constellations and far away planets.

Thailand Soneva Kiri Observatory

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