Thai Boxing (or Muay Thai) is highly demanding, but at the same time incredibly beneficial, type of sport. It gives any sportsmen and women who try it a strong body, better flexibility, and dramatically increases endurance.

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“The Art of Eight Limbs”

Thai boxing is a combat sport that uses the whole body as a weapon. Thus, the hands are considered as swords, elbows as hammers, and legs are axes! This is why Muay Thai is often called “the art of eight limbs.” This mental and physical discipline is highly demanding, with fighters training several hours per day, every day. However, professional careers do not last long in keeping up this regime. Usually, boys start at the age of 6-8 and reach the apogee in their mid-twenties.

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How Thai Boxing Benefits the Physical and Mental Health

Today, the global popularity of Muay Thai is truly incredible. Not only men but also women are getting engaged in Thai boxing due to the numerous benefits which this sport gives.

Firstly, it rapidly improves the cardiovascular system. Besides the obvious health benefits of increased fitness, the process of consistent fat burning during the duration of the sessions increases. Secondly, Muay Thai increases the amplitude of motion and improves flexibility. Thirdly, Thai boxing straightens the body and helps strengthen your core. Fighters who participate in Muay Thai are training not only in combat skills but also endurance, including the ability to ignore the pain.

Finally, from my experience, Muay Thai was the best stress relief I have ever had! The complete involvement and commitment to the “fight” along with the constant release of negative energy appears to both alleviate and prevent stress.

May Thai Benefits

Where to do Muay Thai in Thailand

There are thousands of places to try Muay Thai in Phuket, and all over Thailand. However, I had my first Thai boxing experience during a trip to Ani Villas in nearby Koh Yao Noi. Here, owned by a local professional, is where the Muay Thai Gym we frequented is located. The beautiful ocean view, the spacious semi-open gym, and the professional coaches made this place definitely worth our visit. I had a one-hour session of individual training, and it was highly intense and incredibly productive. For those who want to spend a fitness holiday with healthy exercise benefits can devote their time to do Thai boxing everyday, the Muay Thai Gym even proposes for you to stay in their boxing camp.

Thailand Koh Yao Noi Thai Boxing

Thai boxing is one of the few martial arts that involves not only discipline for the whole body but also the mind during training. The rapidly increasing popularity is not surprising, as Muay Thai is already proving its advantages and health benefits for those who are practicing it regardless of if you are a beginner or expert. Try it today!

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