Amongst all the Indonesian islands, which are Muslim in the majority, Bali has a unique Hindu culture. Along with the stunning views and various attractions, the island can boast an endless list of world-class cultural entertainment for your holiday, and here is the top 10 must do’s in Bali. Discovering the natural attractions, visiting temples, surfing, diving, or even shopping, all of this intertwines on this mazing isle, and creates a sense of special harmony on the island for both locals and tourists who all find their favourite aspects.

1. Pray with Locals in the Temples

The majority of the island’s population practices Hindu, complete with old traditions and beautiful devotion ceremonies. Balinese Temples are an integral part of this. Among the most famous ones are Tanah Lot, Uluwatu Temple, and Besakih Temple. Each of them is worth visiting, especially on sunset when the sky is awash with incredible colours and is reflecting in the water.


2. Ride along the Rice Paddies

Bali is famous with its scenic rice fields stretching to the horizon like a green-coloured ocean. Ubud and the East part of the island offer the most breathtaking views over the paddies. Among the most visited are Tegalalang Rice Terrace along the main road of Ubud, and Canggu rice fields on the East from Seminyak. The peaceful vibes here are almost palpable.

Villa Kamboja Rice Field | Batubelig, Bali

3. Sip a Cocktail taking in the Sunset

Without a doubt, Kuta and Seminyak have the best beach sunsets for tourists in Bali. The mix of the spectacular view with a savoury cocktail is one of the “must-do” items on the list when visiting. Among the best place to observe sunset in style are Potato Head, Ku De Ta, and at the W Retreat & Spa.

4. Savour classic Asian cuisine

Among all the best restaurants in Bali, there are several truly outstanding ones in their foodie paradise – Mamasan, Sarong, Merah Putih and Sardine are some of my top favs. All of them are located in the northern Seminyak area, and offer exquisite food alongside divine cocktails.

5. Visit the Serene Ubud

One day is not enough to discover all of Ubud’s enchanting attractions. The famous Monkey Forest, Ubud Market, and countless craft shops are only the tip of the iceberg. Take more time for this part of your trip when in Ubud, as you will regret not seeing all its beauty, which needs to be done at a relaxed pace.

Kayumanis Ubud Pool Bale|Ubud, Bali

6. Shopping in Seminyak

If you think that Bali will only have little island trinket shops with nothing of style to offer, you are very wrong. A world-class selection of fashion adorns the island. The best boutiques are located in the Seminyak region, where local brands are mixed with Australian and European. For an affordable price (if you are good enough at bartering!), you may indeed refresh your entire wardrobe.

Shopping in Seminyak Bali

7. Try a Balinese Massage in Petitenget

The traditional Balinese massage will give you a pleasuring mix of ultimate relaxation, rejuvenation, and de-stress. The soft massage is what the body needs after hours of shopping or outdoor activities. This is part of your holiday that should not be missed.

Private Massage

8. Learn how to Surf

One of the most distinctive features of Bali island is its world-class waves all year long. Countless surf schools along the island from Kuta through to Seminyak offer to teach you surfing. For the experienced surfers, Bali is a real paradise, with numerous excellent beach and reef breaks across the island. And for beginners, there are some nice rolling waves right off the main Kuta break, so take the plunge and go grab a wave!

Surfing the Waves in Bali

9. Climb Mount Batur

The spectacular Mount Batur is located in the North-Western part of Bali. It is a prime destination on tour itineraries to revel in a scenic spot for photos during sunrise, and for anyone wishing to visit a still-active volcano. The tour usually starts between 1-2am depending on where you are situated on the island, and includes climbing up Mount Batur to watch the sunrise. Another attraction in the Kintamani region is the picturesque Caldera Lake, with an incredible landscape that changes its shape after every volcano eruption.

Mount Batur Kintamani Bali

10. Try Scuba Diving

This paradise has everything aquatic, so besides the incredible waves, Bali is also famous for its world-class diving spots like Manta Point and the shipwreck in Tulamben. Find a scuba school with the right options of what you want to explore (PADI certified ones are in numerous locations) and get swimming!

Manta Point

Bali has rich culture, traditional heritage, natural beauty, and innumerable surf and dive spots. One holiday is not enough to get acquainted with Bali, but is definitely sufficient to fall in love with this enthralling island.

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