Ice cream (or gelato) is a special something that can capture various beautiful holiday moments. A child eating and savouring the taste oh-so-carefully, a couple sharing an ice cream for dessert, or a single person walking happily along the beach caught up in their own world with a cone of delicious frozen gelato in their hands. So, where can you enjoy a delish ice cream in Bali? Here is the list of the best ice cream in Seminyak… but don’t blame us if you gain a couple of extra kilos!

Gusto Gelateria

The founder of the Gusto Gelateria is a couple made up of an heiress of an Italian ice cream empire, and a French chef by trade who develops all the recipes. Such an alliance would obviously bring to the world only the best ice cream! The unique feature of Gusto’s gelato is the use of natural ingredients only. Fresh fruit, real milk, nuts, and butter are all of the highest quality.

Ice Cream Gusto Gelato Seminyak Bali

The Gusto ice cream doesn’t include any artificial colourings or gelatin. Therefore, particular flavours are available only during the picking season of the fruit it is made from. For example, the soursop taste can be savoured only during certain months, adhering to the management’s principle of using only natural ingredients when available. The prices for gelato start from IDR 20,000 for the cone or cup with two flavours of choice. This affordable, tasty, and natural gelato has many fans, and there is always room for a quick refreshing indulgence, no matter if you are just chilling indoors or while outdoors in the sunshine.

Ice Cream Gusto Gelato Seminyak Bali

Gelato Factory

Situated in the heart of Seminyak on Oberoi Street, Gelato Factory offers sweet refuge from the tropical heat found on our little Indonesian island. The classic Italian recipes used to prepare the iced dainty and the fresh organic ingredients make this ice cream not only savoury but also a healthier choice for customers of all ages. Try their unique flavours like Pistachio or Stracciatella, or savour the classic Dark Chocolate and Vanilla. In any case, Gelato Factory will become your fun and funky pitstop every day of the holiday once you try it!

Ice Cream Gelato Factory Seminyak Bali

Made Manis Gelato

Made’s Warung is one of the best restaurants in Seminyak. Found in 1969 by Made and her family, it soon become famous and is now a favourite place among the tourists of all nationalities. A few months ago Made’s family completed a refurb with the new addition of the Made Manis Gelato.

Ice Cream Made Manis Gelato Seminyak Bali

The tiny shop has two entrances: one from the Seminyak streetwalk, and one from inside the restaurant. It’s a sweet-tooth’s delight to now be blessed with a savoury gelato made in the best Italian tradition: viscous and creamy. The bestseller is pistachio-flavoured ice cream, which costs IDR 40,000 per scoop. Other flavours cost IDR 27,000 and include fresh fruit tastes, as well as classic chocolate, vanilla, and caramel variations. I personally have already developed a Made Manis gelato addiction, so who will fall victim next?

Ice Cream Made Manis Gelato Seminyak Bali

Gusto Gelateria, Gelato Factory and Made Manis Gelato are without a doubt the best ice cream parlours in Seminyak. They all include one must-have in common: the fresh and organic ingredients, the classical Italian recipes of the best gelato, and the subsequent adoring crowds of fans. Now, I am one of them. As the saying goes: “Forewarned is forearmed”… so, do not blame us if you become afflicted with an incurable gelato addiction after reading this post!