Sanur is a favourite among families and couples, and shopping in the area is a refreshingly laid-back affair. Most of the shops are located on the main drag of Jalan Danau Tamblingan and you can easily hop from shop to shop by bike on or on foot. Here is a quick guide to the top ten shopping in Sanur, from cute clothes stores to unique souvenir shops.

1. Jalan Danau Tambling

Lined with countless street-stalls, Jalan Danau Tambling is Sanur’s main street and the major shopping area in Sanur. Offering everything from the cheap knick-knacks to electronics and brand name bags (fake, of course), Danau Tambling offers endless shopping and bargaining possibilities.

shopping in Sanur, Bali

2. Ganesha Bookshop

Ganesha is a local Balinese bookstore with one of their adorable outlets centrally located in Sanur. Offering a good selection of used and new books in a variety of genres, Ganesha specialises in books about Bali and Indonesia – a great way to deepen your understanding of the region. There’s a good selection of used books in English, French and beyond, and you can also sell them your own holiday reads once you’re done with them. Ganesha also has a cute selection of post cards, jewellery and other locally sourced knick-knacks and souvenirs.

Ganesha Bookshop- shopping in Sanur, Bali

3. Sindhu Market

Sindhu Market is a cluster of simple shops lining the beach promenade. Offering a wide range of local food, traditional wares and handmade woodcarvings, Sindhu Market is a favourite place to shop for locals and tourists alike. After the sun goes down, Sindhu turns into a large night market with an ample choice of local food and fresh juices to quench your thirst and hunger.

Royal Paradise Night Market Phuket Thailand

4. Hardy’s Sanur

Hardy’s is the largest supermarket in Sanur. The two-storey building is packed full of local and imported groceries, clothes, shoes, toiletries, toys, helmets and other items you might need while on holiday.If you’re missing cheese and other Western items, Hardy’s stocks a good selection of imported items – just remember that the prices for these luxury goods can be a bit steep.

Hardy's supermarket - shopping in Sanur, Bali

5. Nogo

Nogo is also known as the Bali Ikat Centre, offering exotic and elegant Balinese heritage textiles. This Bali-based company offers high-quality hand-woven fabrics along with the unique jewellery pieces and antique samples that would make an attractive addition to any private collection.

Nogo Ikat Centre - shopping in Sanur, Bali

6. Atlas South Sea Pearls

Atlas South Sea Pearls is a famous pearl producer that focuses on stunning white, fabulous silver and gorgeous golden pearls. The shop is located in the centre of Sanur, inviting visitors to admire and purchase jewelry combining pearls with silver or gold, crafted by talented local and foreign designers.

Atlas South Sea Pearls - shopping in Sanur, Bali

7. To-Ko Rumah Sanur

To-Ko is a creative hub of shared workspaces of talented local designers, offering fantastic and funky apparel and accessories. Set in a traditional Javanese Joglo house, this complex of tiny shops is well worth a visit as it helps support local producers and you can pick up something truly unique.

To-ko Store - shopping in Sanur, Bali

8. A-Krea

Centrally located on Jalan Danau Tamblingan, A-Krea is a tiny boutique that houses a vast range of artisanal items boasting an elegant and original design. Among the vast assortment, there are colourful bags and sandals, housewares and decorations, keychains and mats, and many other items to take back home.

A-Krea Shopping Sanur Bali

9. Goddess on the Go

Goddess on the Go sells super-comfy and trendy clothes for women who travel a lot. You can find a vast selection of apparel in linen, silk and high-quality cotton designed for ultimate comfort and lasting style, perfect for modern women constantly on the go.

Goddess on the Go - shopping in Sanur, Bali

10. Uluwatu Lace

Uluwatu Lace products are chic and elegant, channeling the timeless appeal of fine Balinese lace. Selling feminine summer and cocktail dresses, weightless tunics and beautiful shorts, Uluwatu Lace celebrates style and comfort, and provides sophisticated apparel and accessories for her. A great place to pick up items that are quintessentially Balinese.

Uluwatu Lace - Shopping in Legian, Bali

Unlike most areas in Bali, shopping in Sanur is actually quite easy and effortless – simply hop on a rented bicycle and peddle your way through the main street of Jalan Danau Tamblingan and discover cute shops at every turn. Thanks to its ease and comfort, it’s no wonder Sanur is a firm favourite with families and mature travellers looking to relax in style.

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