The rainy (or monsoon) season hits Thailand and Phuket at the end of May and lasts until November. Rainy days are usually non-consecutive, but even three wet days out of seven during a holiday and you will be in need of ideas for keeping yourselves entertained, especially if traveling with children. What to do on an island paradise when the sun isn’t out? We have some key tips on good indoor activities for you and the family to use (just in case!).

1. Watch a movie

A classic option for the whole family is to watch a good movie together. There are plenty of villas in Ministry of Villas collection which have incredible private cinemas and media rooms. Ask the staff to prepare some popcorn, get some soft drinks and make yourself comfortable and enjoy.

There are also two cinemas just in the centre of Patong in the Central Festival Mall and the Jungceylon Mall. Western movies are shown either in English with Thai subtitles or dubbed in Thai language with English subtitles. Carefully check the details before buying the ticket. And remember to stand for the national anthem at the beginning of the movie!

Samujana 29 Cinema Room | Koh Samui, Thailand

2. Phuket Aquarium

Phuket Aquarium is a place which your children will absolutely love! 30 separate aquarium tanks with various ocean creatures and a long tunnel that crosses the largest of them with spectacular underwater views all around. All exhibits are marked in Thai and English language, with the main characteristics and interesting facts about their inhabitants.

Top 5 Indoor Activities Phuket Aquarium

3. Phuket Museums

Although Phuket is famous for its stunning beaches and rich night time activities, there are several fascinating off-beat museums to visit. Among the most interesting is the Phuket Mining Museum that covers the Thai history of mining throughout the area.

There is also the Phuket Seashell Museum, devoted to the most precious and impressive shells from all over the world, and includes a collection of thousands of various shells among which a shell that weighs 250 kg! In the Thai Hua museum, there are national artefacts from Phuket that have been collected, and also a permanent exhibition devoted to the famous Battle of Thalang.

Top 5 Indoor Activities Phuket Thailand

4. Trickeye Museum

Trickie Museum is the 3D painting exhibition located in Phuket Town, a 3D Art Gallery with around 100 painted and sculpted scenes putting the visitor into an unreal and fantastic world. Is is not an indoor museum, so you may still need to come with an umbrella on a drizzly day, but this place will definitely give great fun to the whole family.

Top 5 Indoor Activities Phuket Thailand

5. Massages and Spas

What can be better than a day spent in the spa with your beloved? And there is no better weather for indulging in a spa day than with romantic tropical rain. The sound of heavy drops falling on the roof and rolling down to the ground, wonderful fragrances, and the soft hands of the professional masseuse on your back is a great alternative to the beach rest.

Kaba Kaba Estate Massage Room | Tabanan, Bali

There is always something to do in Phuket, even on the rainy days. Spas, fun-packed entertainment centres and museums, and the local cinema are always open and welcome in visitors. Holidays in Thailand will still keep you and your companions in high-spirits – rain or shine!o.