The selection of the world-class restaurants in Bali is truly countless. Top-quality Indonesian chefs are on equal par with the celebrated European and Australian chefs that adorn the island. To select a list of the best restaurants in Seminyak from the numerous prime dining venues is a difficult task, with many serving delicious food alongside great interiors and atmosphere. However, here are some of the top restaurants to die for in Seminyak with unique features that stand out from the crowd:


Prepare to be dazzled by the chic menu and fabulous view overlooking rice paddies! Sardine has its own rice field, bordered by bananas, offering the customers fresh vegetables cultivated right on their private farm. The owner of Sardine was one of the first movers who realised that clients want authenticity on their plate as well as lovely setting. The offerings differ slightly day-to-day but the main focus is on fish, seafood and organic vegetables. In the spacious lounge area of the restaurant, delicious drinks are served. The must-try in Sardines, are the local arak cocktails, arguably, the best in Seminyak!

Sardine Restaurant Petitenget

Made’s Warung

Made’s Warung has been a pioneer as a traditional dining restaurant sought-out by expats for years. Opened in 1969 by Made and her family, Made’s Warung from the local food stall has rapidly grown their reputation over the years as an awesome local restaurant with beautiful food. The menu includes Indonesian, Thai, and Japanese cuisines, and the food is savoury, fresh and diverse. Originally, Made’s Warung was located in Kuta, but has since moved across to ever-popular Seminyak where they now also provide typical Balinese cultural delights and entertainment for customers during their dinner.

Made's Warung Restaurant Seminyak Bali


Founded by outstanding celebrity chef Will Meyrick, Sarong restaurant now is one of the most well-renowned restaurants in Asia. Will Meyrick developed the concept of Bali’s Sarong after launching several successful restaurants around Asia-Pacific. The inspiration brought by the street food vendors along with this experienced chef has resulted in a superb food experience every time. Numerous honours and a rapturous response from the critics has placed Sarong into the top 5 restaurants in Asia. These reasons are more than enough to try for yourself, aren’t they?


Mamasan is another “child” of chef Will Meyrick. Unlike Sarong which is a restaurant in full, Mamasan has a unique feature of lending itself to have an exclusive club vibe, where you come not only just to eat and drink, but also to feel the particular atmosphere. As Will Meyrick tells it, this is a place where people would like to stay until the doors are closed and it’s time to go home! Delicious cocktails abound like the coconut mojito, and the quality food is not too expensive, so anyone who appreciates eating and lounging in a gentlemen’s club style are welcomed here.

Mamasan Restaurant Seminyak Bali

Merah Putih

Merah Putih is named after the colours of the Indonesian flag: red and white. Indonesian and Balinese classics are served in this luminous restaurant along with the multitude of other creative dishes. The extravagant design of Merah Putih was created to provide an exceptional dining atmosphere for all. The indoor palm trees, full floor-to-ceiling glass windows, and the dining tables made of teakwood will impress even the most severe critic! And the fantastic food will satisfy all gourmet tastes.

Bali is one of the most dynamic dining destinations in Asia. New and old Balinese classics like Merah Putih, the restaurants of the eminent Will Meyrick, and family heritage favourites like Made’s Warung are just some of the main reasons why Seminyak diners are so popular among the foodies from all over the world.