Hidden In Plain Sight

39 Galle Fort is everything you could want for a villa stay within the superb Galle Fort – truly a must-do area for any travellers passing exploring exotic Sri Lanka. It gives a sense of regality, whereas you come directly off the main street and suddenly you are transported to another world of beautiful high-vaulted ceilings, wonderfully furnished interiors alive with red and white colours on the couches contrasting the impressive wooden dining table and furnishings, as well as an expansive courtyard fit for a statesmen of a bygone era to sip on a cup of tea and pen down his latest thoughts with a quill.

39 Galle Fort Living And Dining Room | Galle, Sri Lanka

Colonial Style Galle Fort

We were originally not sure what to expect when coming into a small and populated area such as the Fort, and couldn’t believe our eyes when introduced to this uniquely wonderful style of luxe colonial private villas just waiting to embrace guests with old school charm and a sense of adventure. Upstairs had a well-suited bedroom adjacent to the comfortable TV seating area, while downstairs had 2 more generous bedrooms (complete with ensuites) that hosted lovely four corner post beds to ensure a sound night’s sleep.

39 Galle Fort Bedroom|Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Delights

Our live-in chef and butler Ajit (one of the 2 Ajits who hosted u during our stay!) cooked up the most amazing Sri Lankan breakfast of stringhopper noodles, spicy chili with shaved coconut, and dhal, that I think I can’t ever go back to plain old omelettes ever again!

39 Galle Fort Dinning | Galle, Sri Lanka

Central For Everything

The villa’s location is the perfect centrepoint for you to wander off and explore from the main crossroad to either head out to the perimeter walls and relish in the view, or pop back through to the other parts of the Fort to explore the shopping or eats available all around. Fort Galle itself gives off such an engaging charm, that you can be happy to potter around for hours down the side streets and fid your own special nook for grabbing a coffee or watching the young local boys play football under the gaze of the endearing lighthouse.

Holiday Adventurer Spirit

Without a doubt, 39 Fort Galle gives you a sense of adventure combined with holiday relaxation and fun, with nothing out of place and all your needs catered for. Luxury accommodation with its own unique twist like 39 Fort Galle is why Sri Lanka is fast-becoming one of the most sought-after tourist spots around… and nabbing a picture-perfect villa like this one is the ideal way to enjoy it.

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