I am still hesitating about whether or not I should write this post about my favourite hidden beach island in Bali, as I fear that this secret (almost my own private tiny paradise!) may become overloaded with tourists after publishing this blog post. But having lived on beautiful Bali for a while, it is good to share my experiences, so have you heard about Serangan before?

Serangan or Turtle Island

Back on the first time I arrived in Bali I tried to visit as many places as I could around the island, and there was one spot I found myself coming back to again and again: Serangan, or Turtle Island. As it comes from the name, the place is famous due to turtles inhabiting the island and living in the Turtle Conservation Centre. If you are lucky, you may even see them in the natural environment under the water as they cruise by you! Nowadays, due to the increasing flows of tourist, it is getting harder and harder to see turtles in the open water while swimming or surfing, so if you do, relish the moment.

Serangan Island Beach Bali

What Is Serangan Island?

Serangan is actually a miniature isle, connected with Bali by a bridge and being a semi-national park area (without wild animals however). There are neither resorts nor hotels on the island, although you may find some affordable local guest houses scattered over there. It really is one of the few places in Bali which has saved the traditional lifestyle, and remains at one with beautiful unspoilt nature.

Serangan Island Beach Bali

Getting to Serangan

The island is easily reachable either by car or by motorbike, however, before getting inside the vehicle do ensure that the driver understands the destination point (Blue Bird taxi drivers are usually the best). Serangan is about a 20-minute drive from popular Seminyak in the south-east direction. After passing a bridge, go straight until you find a bascule barrier. Here you will be charged IDR2,000 if you are travelling by motorbike or IDR5,000 if you are going by car. The rest of the route until the beach you are journeying on a trail wide enough for two cars to pass. Follow the path and after an approximately a 7-minute ride you will find the stunning beach, complete with several local warungs right on the shore offering refreshing beverages and a select choice of meals.

Serangan Island Beach Bali

What Is There to Do in Serangan?

Once you arrive on this tiny tropical oasis, you will find plenty of entertainment: it’s the fantastic surf spot (suitable for all skill levels), various water sports activities such as Stand-Up-Paddles (SUP), kayaking, and snorkelling. If you are planning to stay on the beach for a while, I recommend you choose a tasty looking warung and order some food and beverages so that you will get to chill on the sun lounges for free. During the wetter Bali months, when the Serangan surf break is in a season, a local surf photographer usually works on the beach, so you can even buy a few professional photos from him to immortalise the incredible day’s surf session.

Serangan Island Beach Surfing Bali

When Is the Best Time to Visit Serangan?

Depending on what kind of leisure you are looking for, Serangan offers various conditions best suitable for surfing, snorkelling, or of course just chilling on the beach. If you a surfer, the best time for the session is in the early morning with high tide when there is no wind, and the waves are perfectly, almost like glass. If you are travelling with children, the best time to come to the isle is during the low tide, when it becomes a type of huge natural swimming pool, surrounded by the protective reef, becomes shallow and warm.

Serangan Island Beach Bali

Serangan has become my personal paradise-within-paradise on Bali. Whenever I feel overwhelmed by chaotic traffic or modern stress, I will grab some magazines and my surfboard (depending on conditions of course!) and head to Serangan Island where a couple of hours spent away from the hustle-and-bustle of Seminyak refill me with the energy. I know it will do the same for you too.

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