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  • Boheme Indoor Living Area with View | Hirafu, NisekoBoheme Exterior | Hirafu, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 4 Bedrooms

    Boheme is a stylish designer chalet with views of Mount Yotei, Apple TV and free shuttle bus to ski lifts.

    From US $770 /night
  • Aki Dining Table | Hirafu, NisekoAki Twin Bedroom | Hirafu, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 2 Bedrooms

    Aki’s spacious rooms are filled with light thanks to cathedral windows looking out over Niseko’s famous powder.

    From US $302 /night
  • Nupuri Cottage Living And Dining Room | Lower Hirafu Village, NisekoNupuri Cottage Bedroom | Lower Hirafu Village, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 1 Bedroom

    Nupuri Cottage is a cute and cosy cabin with a bedroom and loft perfect for small groups, located in the relaxed Lower Village.

    From US $365 /night
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    Puffin Kitchen and Living Area | Hirafu, NisekoPuffin Building Area | Hirafu, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 2 Bedrooms

    Puffin is a sleek minimalist chalet with grand interiors built into the exclusive Escarpment Estate.

    From US $440 US $391 /night
  • Kitsune House Living Area | Hirafu, NisekoKitsune House Building with Snow | Hirafu, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 4 Bedrooms

    Kitsune House is a cool and edgy ski chalet with unique interiors, offering easy access to restaurants and the ski shuttle.

    From US $576 /night
  • Powderhound Lodge Outdoor View | Upper Hirafu Village, NisekoPowderhound Lodge Living Room | Upper Hirafu Village, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 5 Bedrooms

    Powderhound Lodge is a great value chalet offering all the essentials and a central location close to the slopes and restaurants.

    From US $865 /night
  • Kiri Building | Hirafu, NisekoKiri Dining Table | Hirafu, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 3 Bedrooms

    Kiri is a light and modern ski chalet with a Japanese bath and space for storing your ski gear.

    From US $444 /night
  • Koa Niseko Living Area | Hirafu, NisekoKoa Niseko Exterior | Hirafu, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 3 Bedrooms

    Koa Niseko is a beautiful collection of Scandinavia-meets-Japan chalets surrounded by snowy woods.

    From US $500 /night
  • Shiroyama Open Plan Dining Area | Hirafu, NisekoShiroyama Bedroom Two | Hirafu, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 5 Bedrooms

    Shiroyama is a grand modern chalet filled with light and modern furniture at the upscale Orchards Niseko estate.

    From US $870 /night
  • Tamo Outdoor View | Hirafu, NisekoTamo Living Pavilion | Hirafu, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 5 Bedrooms

    Tamo, true to its name, is made from the world’s rarest timber and is complete with magnificent views of the mountain.

    From US $604 /night
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    Yuki Uchi Outdoors | Hirafu, NisekoYuki Uchi Living Area | Hirafu, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 3 Bedrooms

    Don’t judge a book by its cover: Yuki Uchi’s has a rugged concrete exterior but this trendy chalet is warm and cosy on the inside.

    From US $383 US $344 /night
  • Sankei Building | Hirafu, NisekoSankei Dining Table | Hirafu, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 5 Bedrooms

    Sankei is a cool modern ski chalet surrounded by Niseko’s epic powder, perfect for larger groups.

    From US $870 /night
  • Ginkyo Building | Hirafu, NisekoGinkyo Living Area | Hirafu, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 3 Bedrooms

    Ginkyo is a light and bright ski chalet with a Japanese bath and room to entertain, looking out to Mount Yotei through picture windows.

    From US $444 /night
  • Haru Dining and Living Area | Hirafu, NisekoHaru Bedroom | Hirafu, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 2 Bedrooms

    Haru is a light-filled chalet looking out to Mount Yotei at the prestigious Orchards Niseko estate.

    From US $302 /night
  • Icho Living and Dining Room | Hirafu, NisekoIcho Twin Bedroom | Hirafu, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 2 Bedrooms

    Icho is a classic alpine chalet with modern furniture and huge windows looking out to Mount Yotei.

    From US $302 /night
  • The Orchards Niseko Akagashi Outdoors | St Moritz, NisekoThe Orchards Niseko Akagashi Dining Area | St Moritz, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko  – 3 Bedrooms

    Akagashi is a luxe chalet surrounded by mountainside beauty and located just minutes from some of Japan’s best slopes.

    From US $470 /night
  • Akari Living Area | Hirafu, NisekoAkari Building | Hirafu, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 5 Bedrooms

    Akari chalet is located in East Hirafu, surrounded by nature, minutes from the ski lifts and amazing value.

    From US $765 /night
  • AYA Villas Outdoor View | Hirafu, NisekoAYA Villas Mountain View | Hirafu, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 4 Bedrooms

    Aya Villas offers a slice of slope-side perfection in Niseko. Enjoy a direct ski-in entrance and finish the day off in your own private onsen bath.

    From US $2,677 /night
  • Chalet Billopp Exterior | Hirafu, NisekoChalet Billopp Outdoor Area | Hirafu, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 4 Bedrooms

    Chalet Billopp is a light and spacious ski chalet offering warmth, comfort and a fun bunk room in Hirafu’s relaxed lower village.

    From US $693 /night
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    Chalet Luma Outdoor Area | Hirafu, NisekoChalet Luma Living Area | Hirafu, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 4 Bedrooms

    Come in from the cold and enjoy the warm ambiance of Chalet Luma, a lavish alpine lodge nestled in the beauty of Niseko’s snow-covered mountains.

    From US $456 US $410 /night