After a long stressful flight you will be nothing but relieved to know you can expedite the immigration procedures at the end of a long haul flight to Bali. It’s the visa fast track service, fairly self explanatory and arguably the best USD $45 you’ll spend on your holiday. Remember it may be the one time you get to skip the formalities of immigration and customs, without having to charter your own private jet.

How does it work?

In a haze of disrupted sleep, you crawl into the arrival hall, and look for your name appearing on a signboard as you enter. Approach with the look of relief (optional) – as the VIP representative leads you past the enormous waiting throng of the weary and optimistic. Remember to smile because this will be the last that the throng will get to see you – almost worth it for the feeling alone.


Then you’ll be ushered through immigration, asked for your travel documents and that is pretty much it. Apart from waiting for them to handle the formalities, identifying your luggage and while they struggle to haul it away on trolleys, you may just get a lift yourself, if you ask nicely. That or actually have to walk by yourself to get to your waiting car and driver. God forbid. Customs will be dealt with on your behalf, so there’s no hassling around with them either.


Hard not to congratulate yourself on a choice well taken

Ok so it may cross your mind whether it’s worth $45 especially if there’s no queue at the time. Mind you, if you’ve brought the grandparents and young children, along, it would never be an issue. So while the others are slowly losing the will to live, you will have skipped the line and on your way to jumping into the pool of your villa. Quite the deal, you will agree for USD 45. Of course the trouble is, is that you can never go back to slumming it with the rest.


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