With its white sand beaches, turquoise waters and majestic cliffs, Phuket is easily one of the most beautiful islands in the world. While we would definitely recommend visiting this Thai island any time of year, Phuket is affected by monsoons and the island has a distinct dry and wet season and parts of the year can be almost unbearably hot. So what is the weather in Phuket really like? We are breaking it down month by month to help you decide when to visit Phuket.


Weather wise, January is one of the best times to visit Phuket. Especially around New Year’s, this is also one of the busiest times on the island. Rainfall in January is minimal with just four rainy days on average – and much of that rain falls during the night. As the island is yet to hit the hot season (April – May), weather in Phuket remains at a pleasant 27°c.


If you want to avoid even the occasional rain shower at all costs, February might just be the best time to visit Phuket. This month sees the least rainfall of the year (just two rainy days on average) and the temperature still hovers around a very manageable 28°c. February is still part of the high season in Phuket, but as the holidaymakers lingering from Christmas and New Year have already dispersed, the island remains busy but less crowded.

Phuket Malaiwana Beach


In March, weather in Phuket begins to hit the scorching hot season and the average monthly temperature climbs up to 29°c. Rainfall is still minimal and if you can handle the heat (temperatures can hike up to 34°c), March is a great time to visit Phuket. The sea tends to be calm this time of year so it’s a great time to hit the beach or head out for some island hopping.


April is generally the hottest month of the year in Phuket with the average temperature staying put at 29°c. The weather also tends to be very humid in April, which makes the toasty weather feel all the warmer. You can expect some rain – around 15 days on average – but the rain usually falls in afternoon and evening showers so it shouldn’t be too disruptive to your holiday plans. The waters remain calm in April and the sea water is a very warm 30°c. Conveniently, the annual Songkran festival which sees the whole of Thailand turn into a massive water fight takes place in scorching April.


Like April, May is a very warm and toasty month in Phuket. The weather is warm (29°c on average), the seas are warm (30°c) and though the air is very humid, there is still just the occasional rain shower, though this is heading towards the wet season. It usually rains during the night, so you can still enjoy island life at its best – though the waters do start getting a bit rougher this time of year.

Phuket Phi Phi Islands Maya Bay


June in Phuket is something of a hidden gem. This time of year is not considered high season on the island, but the weather is actually quite good. This means you get to enjoy the best of both worlds: nice weather and smaller crowds. But while the temperature does hover around 28°c, it’s good to note that this is already approaching the wet season and June tends to see around 20 rainy days on average (though the rain mostly falls during the night).


In July, the average temperature is ever so slightly cooler than in June and the number of rainy days remains about the same. This means you still get to enjoy plenty of sunshine if visiting Phuket in July, though you shouldn’t be surprised by the occasional rainfall. July is also considered low season, so the island remains less crowded.


If you’re looking to surf in Phuket, August is probably your best bet for visiting the island which while not a surf destination as such does offer some breaks during the windiest month of the year. On average, August sees similar amounts of rain to July and seeing that we are moving toward the rainy season, humidity makes the average temperature of 28°c feel rather balmy.

Villa Napalai Layan Swimming Pool | Phuket, Thailand


The dreaded wet season hits Phuket in September and usually stretches out until early October. Bluntly speaking, this is the worst time to visit Phuket with average rainfall peaking at around 400 millimetres (compared to just 30 mm in the dry month of February). September sees around 20 rainy days on average – but don’t let all this gloomy talk scare you. Even during the wet season, you will have bouts of sunshine and even a few completely rain free days. Seas are rough during the rainy season so it’s best to not plan for any boat trips. If you do end up visiting Phuket during the rainy season, you get to enjoy minimal crowds and reduced prices.


The beginning of October is still part of the wet season in Phuket and the month sees an average of some 20 rainy days. The average temperature in October is just over 27°c. Though the weather in Phuket might still be a bit damp, October is actually a great time to visit Phuket as this is when the very unique Phuket Vegetarian Festival takes place. Spanning several days, the festival sees the local Chinese community come together and participants take part in everything from fire walking to blade ladder climbing. And yes, abstaining from eating meat is part of the festivities.

Phuket Phi Phi Islands


After two months of rain, November finally sees the wet season in Phuket drawing to a close. You can expect rain on around 14 days during the month and the temperature climbing towards an average of 28°c, so weather in Phuket is actually not too bad this time of year. The seas also start calming down this time of year, so this is a good time to plan for a day trip to the surrounding islands.


December is peak season in Phuket on all accounts: the turn of the year holidays are rolling in and the weather is lovely. The average temperature is just below 28°c and you can expect just around eight rainy days during the whole month. As the rainy season draws to a close humidity is also lower. If you’re planning to travel to Phuket during the high season, one of the most important things to consider is that most villas in Thailand exercise a strict minimum stay policy during the coveted peak dates. For many villas, the minimum stay during peak season can be up to 10 nights.

Phuket Kamala Villa Lomchoy Sunset

Though the weather in Phuket varies throughout the year, it’s good to remember that even during the wet season the island is blessed with ample rays of sunshine. We guarantee that the island will look stunning even with heavy rain clouds hanging over it! Contact our villa specialists to start planning your Thai getaway today.

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