Lombok boasts incredible natural scenery, talcum white sand, picturesque rustic villages and amazing cultural and artistic heritage. If you wonder what to bring home from Lombok to remember your incredible holiday, here are a few ideas for a great gift back home.

1. Furniture

I know, I know, it sounds weird, but you can actually buy fantastic furniture on Lombok and the vendor will ship the products within a couple of days. Even considering the somewhat hefty sum you will pay for the delivery, the purchase is still worth it, as you will get unique, one-of-a-kind piece of furniture made from 100% organic material based to your request. Even with the shipping, you will still pay less than you would spend in your own country or other Indonesian islands for that matter.

Furniture Shopping What to Bring from Lombok

2. Fabrics and Textiles

You can buy beautiful textiles and natural fabrics on this island. Look out in particular fo the handwoven Ikat and Songket products, which will make a gorgeous addition into any home. The most common Ikat items include shirts, sarongs and dresses, but you can also find beautiful wall hangings available if you want to decorate your house.

Textile and Fabrics Shopping What to Bring from Lombok

3. Jewellery and Pearls

Lombok houses more than a dozen of pearl companies, making Lombok a great place for some jewellery shopping. There is a large pearl vendor in the centre of Senggigi, but it might be challenging to get there from Kuta. Luckily, there are plenty of beach vendors wandering down the popular beach resort sands, carrying strings of natural pearls. You can choose the piece you like and negotiate the price – you’ll probably end up spending less than you would in a jewellery shop.

Jewellery and Pearls Shopping What to Bring from Lombok

4. Pottery

There are a myriad of pottery shops dotting the island, offering unique tablewares, one-of-a-kind puppets, house decorations and other unusual items. Lombok pottery is highly renowned for its intricate patterns and original design and it really does make for a unique souvenir. Remember to be careful while transporting fragile pottery items and avoid putting items into your checked in luggage even if it seems securely wrapped.

Pottery Shopping What to Bring from Lombok

Besides the beautiful furniture, pottery, jewellery and textile products, Lombok also offers an ample array of traditional souvenirs, natural spa products and wood carvings. If you want to do some serious souvenir shopping, head to Mataram, (the administrative and business capital of Lombok) where you can hunt out exotic and beautiful product to bring back home with you.

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