Gianyar is a quiet coastal district stretching along the south-eastern coast of Bali, featuring magnificent black sand and deserted beaches, tranquil luxury villas and stunning natural scenery. Visitors usually travel to Gianyar to get away from the hustle-and-bustle of everyday life, and to savour the peaceful atmosphere and beautiful setting. Nightlife in this serene area is quite low-key, but you can still expect to find a couple of sophisticated beach bars and casual watering holes to have a sunset cocktail in Gianyar.

1. Komune Beach Club

Komune Beach Club is one of the most popular beach lounges located metres away from the world-class surf spots in Keramas. Sophisticated, elegant and spacious, this beach club offers an elaborate cocktail menu, amazing snacks, pizzas and other Western favourites.

Though it is a rather remote establishment, it usually gets crowded with surfers, families and adventurous tourists, so a reservation is highly recommended, especially if you are travelling during peak season. If you want to witness truly unique scenery, let your afternoon stretch into dinner, and witness a unique and unforgettable purple-pink sunset over Gianyar.

Commune Beach Club Gianyar Bali

2. Standing Stones Restaurant and Beach Lounge

Chic and exquisite, Standing Stones Restaurant and Beach Lounge stands out thanks to its unparalleled setting and layout. Resembling the famous rock of Stonehenge, this trendy beach lounge attracts visitors of all ages. The venue boasts a chill and elegant atmosphere along with signature cocktails and elaborate menu of European and Pan-Asian cuisine. All visitors can use the venue’s infinity swimming pool at a small minimum spend.

Standing Stones Beach Club Gianyar Bali

3. Local Mart and Beer Corner

Local Mart and Beer Corner is a cosy local venue tucked amidst emerald green rice paddies. The bar offers bargain-priced fresh juices, ice cold Bintang beer and delicious, hearty Balinese dishes. Catering to both local and foreign travellers, the venue is located minutes from the surf breaks, so you could have a relaxing stop-over on the way to the line-up.

Offering a relaxed, casual and friendly atmosphere, the Local Mart and Beer Corner is an excellent place to hide away from the crowds with a group of friends, and simply enjoy each other’s company along with the magnificent vistas and cold beers.

Keramasa Local Mart and Beer Corner Gianyar Bali

5. The Ylang Ylang Private Villa

If you’re looking for a truly epic setting for sunset cocktails, you just can’t beat the exclusive luxury of a private villa. The Ylang Ylang sits right on the beach, with a few palm trees swaying over a massive private pool. Whether you’re a beach bum or a city clicker in the need of some R&R by the sea, we for one can’t think of a better place for grabbing a cold beer and relishing a magical sunset in Gianyar.

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