Staying in a villa

There is a few different ways to experience Phuket. Most people opt for a hotel however when you are traveling in a large group or even if it’s just a small family there is no better way to have a fun trip then all staying in a private villa in Phuket. Our Ministry of Villas team were invited to stay at an estate on the hill walking distance to Phuket’s main street and nightlife. So how could we say no?

Staying in the heart of Phuket

The villas rest on the forested hillside of north Patong, Phuket, which offers spectacular sea view and breeze. The villas have been carefully planned to ensure maximum privacy. Even though it is a secluded hideout, a complimentary shuttle service is provided to the taxi station for your convenience. The luxurious eateries, fine dine restaurants, shopping malls and vibrant nightlife are only 10 minutes’ away from your private den! The Patong beach is merely a 5 minute walk.

Checking out Phuket

The first night the team decided to head into Patong Beach. For many it was their first time and were really excited to be in Phuket and exploring the island.

Thai dinner

We found a great restaurant to dine at and even enjoyed a few of the famous Mai Tai cocktails. The Thai food is amazing.

Phuket tours around the islands

Jungle trekking, snorkelling or simply sightseeing? Phuket has a huge range of tours, covering every budget, interest and group size. You can join a coach tour and make some new friends or book a private excursion, get a flavour of local island life or relax with some retail and massage therapy, visit remote islands in the lap of luxury or check out the best of what is available immediately around you; there is so much choice! The team decided to head out and explore the islands the following day. We sent Prince in to negotiate for the ticket prices.

Relaxing at Villa Phala A5

After the team left at 7am we decided to chill out by the pool and laze around the villa all day. Villa Phala A5 is the perfect villa to just sit back and relax all day. Though later in the day we did head out to explore the Patong Beach.

Booking Villa Phala A5

Ministry of Villas (as the name suggests) specialise in finding the you the right villa at the best price. Our rates are direct from the owner and there are no booking fees on top. We can help you find a villa for a small family trip on a tight budget to corporate events looking for 30+ guests. Contact our team today for help planning the next trip. Or have a look at some of our other amazing Phuket villas. If you are thinking about visiting Thailand just keep in mind you must stay in a villa in Phuket!

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