Bali might be known for it’s stunning beaches and luxe spas, and more than a few couples have found a slice of honeymoon bliss on the island. But as many families already know, travelling to Bali with kids is also a fantastic idea!

From mermaid parties to Frankenstein’s house of horrors, check out our 15 picks for some of the most fun-filled things to do in Bali with kids. Trust us – these will put a smile on your face, no matter what age you are.

1. Party Like A Mermaid – Putri Siren

What little girl hasn’t of dreamt of swishing a mermaid tail of her very own? With a little help from Putri Siren, you can now live out your wildest Little Mermaid dreams in Bali!

Putri Siren offers swimmable mermaid tails lovingly designed by a mother-daughter team and handmade in Bali.

You can order your own tail and bikini set – or better yet, let the mer-masters of Putri Siren organise a full on mermaid party at your villa! Putri Siren hosts mermaid-themed birthday parties and playdates. Every guests gets to channel their inner Ariel and experience the aquatic joys of life as mermaid – because darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter, under the seaaaa!

Putri Siren
Tel: +62 (0)813 38441340
Price: Playdates from IDR 500,000
putri siren mermaid party in bali with kids
Photo via Putri Siren

2. Papa, I Made Pizza! – The Best Brew

Get your hands dirty with the Four Points’ pizza maker and master the fine art of dough throwing, topping plotting and shoving the finished pizza into a real wood-fire oven! This fun-filled – not to mention delicious – step-by-step tutorial into the fine art of pizza making is available the Best Brew restaurant of Four Points by Sheraton.

Parents are welcomed to join in the pizza throwing as well. If you prefer, you can also use this opportunity to enjoy the relaxed ambiance (and brews!) of one of the most highly-praised restaurants in Kuta while the kids cook up a storm.

At the end of the day, little chefs will be awarded with an adorable “Papa! I Made Pizza” certificate and a delicious scoop of gelato.

The Best Brew at Four Points by Sheraton
Address: Jalan Benesari, Kuta
Tel: +62 (0)361 8496606
Price: Kids under 12 IDR 100,000++
            Adults IDR IDR 200,000++
making pizza in bali with kids

3. Learn About Life In Bali – Pondok Pekak Library

Located in the vibrant heart of Ubud, Pondok Pekak Library is so much more than a library. This community centre offers immersive courses in all things Bali. You and your kids might spend an afternoon learning to make Balinese offerings or having fun in a painting class – though high-energy toddlers might just prefer banging the gamelan instead!

A heads up for the parents of young bookworms: Pondok Pekak also has a good selection of children’s books in English and offers a one-month membership at IDR 50,000. You can also read all of their books free of charge right on the premises – be sure to check out their beautiful upstairs reading terrace!

Pondok Pekak Library
Address: Monkey Forest Road, across the football field, Ubud
Tel: + 62 (0)361 976194
Price: Classes from IDR 150,000 per person

4. Go Topsy Turvy – Upside Down World Bali

Upside Down World offers just what the name suggest: an upside down playground where kids get to experience just how Alice felt stumbling down that rabbit hole and straight into Wonderland. The little ones will love walking on the ceiling and laughing at the beds, breakfast tables, toilets and more that seem to defy gravity!

You might head to Upside Down World Bali with the kids in mind, but trust us – you’ll want to snap more than a few shots of yourself in these surreal surroundings!

Upside Down World Bali
Address: Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai No. 726, Denpasar
Tel: +62 (0)361 8473053
Price: Adults IDR 100,000
            Kids IDR 50,000
Visit the super fun Upside Down World when you're in Bali with kids!
Photo via Upside Down World Bali

5. Escape In 45 Minutes Or Less – Escape Room Bali

Nothing brings families closer together than solving a shared puzzle. At Escape Room Bali, you can do just that and have a whole lot of fun in the process!

Escape Room Bali gives you choice between different game scenarios – choose the “Up – Bon Voyage” one for a kid-friendly option – and then you’re off! Use the clues provided to solve the puzzles, each one tying in with the game’s theme. The object is to make your way through the game and escape in 45 minutes or less!

Escape Room Bali
Address: Jalan Sunset Road No. 88, Seminyak
Tel: +62 (0)812 38990101
Price: From IDR 250,000
Escape Room Bali offers great fun when visiting Bali with kids!
Photo via Escape Room Bali

6. Swing Like Tarzan – Bali Treetop Adventure Park

Let the kids roam wild and free at Bali Treetop Adventure Park, a whimsical outdoor playground perched high amongst the trees in northern Bali.

The park offers an exiting obstacle course and visitors of all ages will have a blast navigating the bridges and nets taking you from tree to tree. Kids will shriek from joy while making their way down a zip line and it might prove to be quite a thrilling ride for the adults as well!

In addition to providing the whole family with some treetop thrills, it doesn’t exactly hurt that Bali Treetop Adventure Park is also a stunningly beautiful place to visit. The park is adjoined by Bedugul Botanical Gardens, which is a great place for learning more about the lush nature of Bali with kids.

Bali Treetop Adventure Park
Address: Bedugul Botanical Gardens, Bedugul
Tel: +62 (0)361 9340009
Price: Adults from USD 25
              Kids from USD 16
Bali Treetop Adventure Park Bali

7. Go On A Biking Adventure – Bali Baik Bike Tours

If spending two weeks lazing by the pool is not your cup of tea, why not head out and see Bali on the back of a mountain bike? Biking your way through tranquil villages and cascading rice paddies is a great way to get a taste of that elusive “real” Bali.

Bali Baik Tours offers bike tours that are suitable for ages. The local Balinese guides help kids and parents alike to get a better understanding of the Bali that still exists beyond the tourist hubs.

Kids as young as seven can hop on a bike of their own and for the smallest travellers, baby seats are also available. The tours are tailored according to the group’s needs so as to not make it not too demanding for the kids. A breakfast enjoyed at a traditional Balinese compound is also included in the tour.

Bali Baik Bike Tours
Address: Banjar Laplapan, Petulu, Ubud
Tel: +62 (0)361 978052
Price: Kids IDR 300,000
             Adults from IDR 450,000
bike tour in bali with kids

8. Fun And Games In North Bali – Krisna Funtasticland

North Bali is known for its misty mountains and roaming dolphins. A new kid on the block, Krisna Funtasticland is located in Singaraja and offers a great activity for parents visiting North Bali with kids.

The amusement park offers rides ranging from slow-paced miniature trains to rambunctious bumper cars and all the way to adrenalin-inducing rides with imposing names like the Airborne Shoot or the Flying Cakra.

Krisna Funtasticland charges a flat entrance fee which allows you to walk around the park and enjoy the sights. If you want to try one of the rides, you need to buy an additional ticket with prices slightly ranging from ride to ride. With ticket prices peaking at IDR 20,000, a fun-filled day at Krisna Funtasticland is nothing short of a bargain.

Krisna Funtasticland
Address: Jalan Raya Seririt, Singaraja
Tel: +62 (0)812 3999957
Price: Entry fee from IDR 10,000
              Tickets from 15,000
Krishna Funtasticland Bali

9. Get Playful In A Colourful Garden  – Big Garden Corner

Big Garden Corner is part restaurant, part garden, part playground and a whole lot of fun.

Located on Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai and surrounded by other stone statue vendors, Big Garden Corner stands out from the rest by not just offering giant Buddha statues for sale. Instead, the statues are scattered across a lush garden and we’ll guarantee that you and your kids will have a blast exploring this colourful playground.

Climb atop a miniature Borobudur, swing in a hammock and strike a pose beneath countless umbrellas suspended high among the treetops. Grab yourself a rainbow-hued beanbag chair and enjoy a nice cold drink as the kids roam around the garden.

Big Garden Corner
Address: Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai, at the traffic light of Jalan Waribang, Sanur
Tel: +62 (0)812 4663614
Price: Entry fee from IDR 25,000, includes a soft drink / gelato
Visiting Big Garden Corner is only one of the unique things you can do in Bali with kids! Click through to read the full article.

10. Have A Spa Date With Your Mini-Me – Febri’s Spa

Next to the temples and the beaches, Bali is known for housing some of the most luxurious spas on the planet. So if you’re travelling to Bali with kids, why not make a pampering trip to the spa a family affair?

Febri’s Spa offers family-friendly treatments and spa packages designed for kids. While the parents are enjoying “Mommy’s & Daddy’s Dream” treatments, kids will be spoilt with two-hour rituals designed to please the Little Prince and Princess, including foot baths, massages, hair treatments and more. A complimentary kids’ meal is also included in the price.

Febri’s Hotel & Spa
Address: Jalan Kartika Plaza, Kuta
Tel: +62 (0)361 754575
Price: Kids’ treatment packages from IDR 290,000
spa in bali with kids

11. Learn To Surf Like A Pro – Rip Curl School Of Surf

It’s little secret that many people flock to Bali to catch some epic waves. If you want to get the kids psyched up for future surf trips, Rip Curl School Of Surf has just the ticket. Located in Legian, the surf school offers a Little Ripper program specifically designed for surfers under 13.

Thanks to one-on-one guidance from experienced teachers, kids will get an immersive introduction into surfing all the while having a blast. (Don’t worry, helmets are also provided!) The one-hour class also provides parents with a nice little breather. If you prefer to do things together as a family, Rip Curl also offers family lessons designed for two adults and two kids.

Rip Curl School Of Surf
Address: Jalan Arjuna / Doublesix Beach, Legian
Tel: +62 (0)361 735858
Price: Kids’ lessons from IDR 650,000 / hour
surfing in bali with kids

12. A Pirate’s Life For Me – Pirates Bay

If you’re looking for a dining venue that will send your kids’ imagination soaring, head to Pirates Bay. This beachfront restaurant located in Nusa Dua lets kids live out their Jack Sparrow fantasies in style.

Pirates Bay is an open-air dining venue housing a landlocked pirate ship and elaborate treehouses that would leave even Peter Pan’s Lost Boys green with envy. You can dine in one of the amazing treehouses, settle for a beachfront table out on the sand – or even request a seat inside that gorgeous ship! The menu offers a mix of local and western food and a kids’ menu is also available.

Though the venue is marketed as a kiddie heaven, Pirates Bay offers a whole lot of ambiance for the grownups as well with campfires and live music floating through the tropical night.

Pirates Bay
Address: The Bay Bali, ITDC area, Lot C-0, Nusa Dua
Tel: +62 (0)361 894 8138
Price: Kids’ meals from IDR 27,500
pirates bay restaurant in bali with kids
Photo via Pirates Bay

13. Free Meal For The Kids, Cocktails For The Grownups – One Eyed Jack

Visiting Bali with kids doesn’t have to be just about hopping in and out of bouncy castles and splashing around in water parks. At One Eyed Jack, parents and kids will both have a deliciously good time.

The concept here is simply genius. Every day, this popular Japanese eatery hosts a classic 2-for-1 happy hour between 5-7pm. And get this – during those same hours, KIDS EAT FOR FREE. That’s right: parent’s get to sip some fine cocktails and delish Japanese fare while the kids munch away, completely free of charge.

This promotion is so tempting that the folks at One Eyed Jack are bound to come to their senses any day now – so you better get here fast!

One Eyed Jack
Address: Pantai Berawa, Canggu
Tel: +62 (0)819 99291888
Price: Small plates from IDR 45,000
Kids eat for free at One Eyed Jack restaurant in Canggu, Bali, Indonesia
Photo via One Eyed Jack

14. Be A Tiny Pilot For The Day – Keramas Aero Park

If flying to Bali with kids wasn’t enough excitement, why not treat the family to a stress-free dinner in a airplane, safely grounded in the tropical soil of Gianyar? Keramas Aero Park is a unique theme restaurant where guests get to enjoy their meal either outside in the garden or inside the long-abandoned airplane.

Kids will have a field day exploring the plane, both inside and out – you can even snap some epic photos with the kids posing on one of the wings! To experience “inflight dining”, a minimum purchase of IDR 250,000 per two people applies. This basically means getting a set menu, which includes starters, a main course and a desert. A kids’ menu is also available. And don’t worry about comfort – the plane has been refurbished with actual tables.

Keramas Aero Parks
Address: Jalan By Pass Prof. Ida Bagus Mantra KM 28 Keramas, Gianyar
Tel: +62 (0)361 4791830
Price: Minimum purchase IDR 250,000 per couple for dining inside the plane
keramas aero park in bali, indonesia is a great place to visit in Bali with kids
Photo via Keramas Aero Park

15. A Spooky Family Night Out – Frankenstein’s Laboratory

If your kids can’t get enough of ghost stories and simply love the idea of all things creepy – or if you yourself happen to be horror fan – a visit to Frankenstein’s Laboratory is an absolute must.

This themed restaurant specialises in all things spooky. Every night, the lab hosts live cabaret shows where zombies, monsters and mummies take the stage accompanied by live music. Zombie face painting is also available and the results are bound to leave your hair standing on end!

Though the theme here is horror, there’s no need to worry about scaring the kiddos too much though. Every day, Frankenstein’s Laboratory hosts a family friendly session between 4.30 – 8.15pm, meaning the show will be scary, but not terrifying. 

Frankenstein’s Laboratory
Address: Jalan Camplung Tanduk No. 6, Seminyak
Tel: +62 (0)361 731622
Price: Free entry, face painting from IDR 50,000
Frankensteins Laboratory Bar Seminyak Bali

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