Whether you’re a seasoned international traveler, or venturing out into this great big world for the very first time, traveling to Bali, Indonesia may be unlike anything you have ever experienced before. Nothing ruins a holiday more quickly then realising you might have to do without some key essential items, so please, allow us to help you prepare for your trip to completely avoid forgetting anything.

So what should I pack?

1. Insect Repellent – Bali is a luscious, tropical paradise, which begets swarms of mosquitos. Bring high quality insect repellent to ward of these pesky bloodsuckers. There are places to purchase bug spray on the island, but it is usually of lower quality and often much more expensive. Keep in mind when buying spray to buy the one with the highest level of ‘deet’, which is the active ingredient.

2. An up-to-date passport – Not only will you need your passport to enter and exit the country, Bali officials specifically require your passport be valid for a minimum of six months beyond the date you arrive. If your passport is due to expire anytime soon, be proactive and renew it prior to booking your Balinese holiday.

3. Reading material – Assuming you plan to spend some amount of time lounging on one of Bali’s numerous lovely beaches, don’t forget to bring along books and magazines to help you pass the time. You can purchase newspapers in English over here however magazines in English are usually double the price.

4. Wine – If you plan to indulge in vino, you will find that prices on the island are considerably higher than at home and many visitors choose to bring a small cache of their own. Our only warning is that there are limits on how much alcohol one may bring into the country so be respectful of those laws.

5. Small gifts – As luxurious as your villa is, the country itself still struggles economically. Many find themselves compelled to offer small gifts such as biscuits, chocolates or candies to the children or locals who go out of their way to be of assistance. Think of it as another form of gratuity.

6. Casual clothing – Bali is a laid back, casual place. You need not worry with formal clothes during your stay. Instead, fill your luggage with comfortable shorts and tops in lightweight cotton fabrics, and sandals.

7. An empty suitcase – Or, better still, an extra suitcase filled with items such as clothing, towels and stationary that you can donate to charities on the island, then fill with souvenirs when you return home.

8. First-aid kit – It need not be anything extravagant but a simple supply of antibiotic ointment, Aspirin, bandages, etc. may prove very handy during your holiday. As with many other common goods, you may be able to find at least basic forms on the island but they will undoubtedly be much more expensive than you would expect to pay at home.

9. Sun block – Much like insect repellent, it is practically guaranteed that you will need sunblock at some point during your stay.

10. Heat stable probiotics – Traveling in a strange land, you will inevitably encounter unfamiliar bacteria. The food in Bali is generally safe to eat, but you will be much more comfortably during the adjustment phase if you boost your system beforehand.

11. Tampons – This one is for you ladies! In Bali feminine hygiene products are limited. There is only one brand of tampons that comes with an applicator. You can buy all the well-known brands of pads just pack the tampons if you have a particular brand you use once a month.

12. Small towels – It’s not uncommon for visitors to stop in the middle of explorations and indulge in an impromptu swim. Small towels can be packed in backpacks and carried with you, so you can easily dry off after a dip.

13. Camera – This goes without saying; you want to capture as many memories as possible during your holiday!

14. Earplugs – Light sleepers unused to the sounds of a busy tropical village may notice that the animals (roosters, chickens, dogs, etc) can cause quite a bit of noise each morning.

15. Collapsible umbrella – Frequent, sudden rainstorms are the norm in Bali so you may want to pack a small umbrella to carry with you.

16. International driver’s license – One of the most common modes of transportation for Balinese tourists are rented scooters. Super convenient—but will definitely require an International driver’s license.

17. Hat – In the heat of the day you will want something to cover your head and face—even with sun block the midday sun in Bali can be rather intense.

18. Closed toed shoes – Sandals are appropriate for virtually everywhere on the island, however, if you plan to do much more serious hiking/walking, you will find sturdier shoes to be a necessity.

19. Extra dosages of prescription medications – If you take any prescription medications, it is wise to pack an extra dose than you plan to need. You never know if an emergency will arise and the availability of prescription medications on the island is hit and miss.

20. Power board/adapter –Bali architecture is not necessarily designed with electronic convenience in mind.

21. Hand sanitizer – A good idea when traveling in general, but especially when you’re traveling to a foreign country where you might not always have immediate access to soap and clean water.

22. Cash – You will need to pay for your Visa as soon as you deplane in the airport (most large currencies accepted). Be sure you have enough cash on hand to pay for all members of your party, as you will not be allowed to leave the airport without securing a visa.

23. Thumb drive – Or some other electronic device with copies of all relevant documentation (passports, IDs, etc). These items are much easier to replace in the event one is lost or stolen, if you have a backup copy on hand.

24. International credit card number – Notify your credit card carrier prior to departure that you will be traveling internationally, and keep track of that number in case you need to report a stolen or lost credit card.

25. Flashlight – Great for unlit roads and walking paths, and in the case of a power outage (which are common in Bali).

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