Getting engaged to the man of her dreams is something women the world over dream of; feelings of excitement, and joy… and all those other emotional, girly sounding words a newly engaged woman should feel flow to the surface and the fairy tales she heard as a child start flooding back into her mind…

Whether you dream of walking down the aisle wearing a bejeweled princess gown surrounded by all your friends and family, opt for a smaller, more intimate affair, or frankly think of the wedding as simply an excuse to drink copious amounts of champagne, one constant among most couples is the desire to make their honeymoon the most special and memorable holiday of their lives.

Given the fact that people the world over have such vastly different travel styles, it may come as no surprise that the first disagreement of a new marriage often comes well before a couple has ever uttered vows. Perhaps he is truly a man’s man and wants the honeymoon to prove it. Adventure! The great outdoors! Physical activity! Nightlife! He wants to spend the trip experiencing as much as possible and the more exciting or outrageous, the better.

You on the other hand, picture your honeymoon as endless days of beachside cocktails, tranquil spa treatments, and five star meals enjoyed each evening in a lavish, secluded villa, all blurring together into a delicious haze of romance and relaxation. If the most strenuous activity you take part in during the whole holiday is picking out a bottle of wine for dinner, or turning from your back to your stomach to ensure an even suntan, you will be perfectly content.

This of course leads couples to the inevitable question of where to go for that magical first trip as husband and wife. Where can you find adventure and excitement for the adrenaline junkie, while allowing your partner to feel pampered and luxurious? We here at Ministry of Villas are pleased to discover that Bali, Indonesia is increasingly becoming a hotspot for newlyweds and the go-to honeymoon destination for those savvy and discerning couples that wish to experience all a tropical destination can offer them. (Yes, we’re pleased because we have a vested interest in seeing this region succeed, but we’re also just romantic saps who love to see new couples experiencing the honeymoon of their dreams).

Why Bali for the Honeymoon?

Couples are choosing to honeymoon in Bali because they discover it offers all they could possibly want in a holiday destination…gorgeous white sandy beaches, access to limitless activities such as snorkeling, surfing, canoeing and hiking, high end boutique shopping, spas and an endless array of fabulous restaurants, bars and late night haunts. Not to mention it is an exotic and breathtakingly beautiful island.

What you may not know is that there has been a gradual shift in trends regarding the accommodations today’s newlyweds seek. Couples are finding that instead of booking a traditional hotel, or all-inclusive style resort, a private villa offers them so much more privacy and intimacy on this most romantic of holidays. Bali specifically, is peppered with private, luxury villas offering various degrees of seclusion and hosts of amenities a honeymooning couple might not be able to partake in anywhere else in the world. Personal chefs, butlers, security, chauffeur, nanny, and a personal concierge service, are just a few of the amenities that serve to make Ministry of Villas a distinguishing choice.

If you’ve never holidayed in a private villa before, (and perhaps feel overwhelmed by the amount of research seems it will take to ensure suitable accommodations), rest assured that you’ve found your way to the right place.

Perhaps you envision dining out at five-star restaurants for every meal… or perhaps you prefer a special meal prepared especially for you, in the comfort of your own villa, by one of the villas personal chefs. Dessert tends to be so much naughtier that way!

Perhaps you’d like to surprise your lovely new wife with a day at the spa for the two of you, which your private concierge will be more than happy to arrangement on your behalf. Hey why even leave the villa? Quite a few of the luxury villas in our collection have their very on spa and wellness rooms so you can let the masseuse come to you.

Perhaps, (despite what your new husband may say) you know your honeymoon just won’t be complete until you have a stunning handmade leather handbag to take home as a sweet souvenir, and would love some guidance on the best boutiques to visit. Your villa manager can help with that too.

Regardless of your specific tastes in food, shopping and adventure, from the moment you arrive in Bali, everyone you encounter through Ministry of Villas will be working tirelessly to ensure your honeymoon is nothing short of perfect. Whether you plan to expend the minimal amount of energy humanly possible while lounging in the sun all day, or decide to venture out into one of the island’s lush national parks to explore some of the most vibrant flora and fauna in the world, we know you will never regret your decision to make Bali your honeymoon destination.

With that, we encourage you and your partner to sit back, explore our site, and allow yourselves to fantasize about how you want to spend your first holiday with the love of your life. Cheers!

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