Planning a holiday in Bali with kids is really smooth and a plain sailing task as compared to other destinations. You have everything here for your kid’s amusement and safety – kid friendly villas, staff to look after fussy kids, specialised food menus, baby cots, prams, pool fences and baby sitters to ensure that your well-deserved holiday is stress free!

Sahana Villas Pool Fence

If you’re booking a family villa in Bali with a private pool, you may want to hire a pool fence so that you’re kids have ample space to run around the pool gardens without you worrying about their safety. Most villas have an open plan design with the living area directly opening onto the pool deck. So, if you’re travelling with toddlers, it’s always better to hire a temporary pool fence for your peace of mind.

Mother and Child in Pool

Bali Pool Fences for Villas

The temporary pool fencing available in Bali is a free standing fence usually made of timber frames with bamboo panels, each pierced together with cable ties. The only access to the pool is through a secured gate that has a Magna Latch magnetic self closing system, quite common in Australia. Some companies in Bali also provide a metal and net style fence.

Pool Fence Hire in Bali

How does the pool fence service work in Bali?

There are many pool fence hire companies in Bali and you can contact them via their website details to confirm availability for your dates of stay. All you have to do is provide the complete address and contact details of your villa and they will come back to you with a quote.

The approximate cost of hiring a pool fence in Bali is IDR 350,000 per day ($35) but if you’re staying for more than a week, you can get a discounted price of around $20 – $30 per day. This rate is usually for the 20 meter pool fence and may vary if you require a longer fence system. The pool fence company also charges a delivery and installation fee of $50 so always ask.

The pool fence company will arrange to install the fence prior to your arrival or just as soon as you have arrived, depending on the access given by the villa. The entire process is quite smooth and can be made through email correspondence. If you have rented a villa with Ministry of Villas, we will help you find the best option for the villa at the lowest price. Always make sure that the villa you’re staying in allows the use of third party pool fence suppliers, as some villas have rules which restrict this.

pool fence gate

Pool Fence Hire Companies in Bali

There are many pool fence hire companies in Bali:

Baby Service Bali
Baby Service Bali offers a large variety of baby equipment and kids’ supplies on hire including pool fencing, stroller, car seat, cot or even some toys to keep your little one’s entertained throughout their holiday. All products available with them are in the best condition and disinfected with products suitable for children’s use. Fill an enquiry form on their website or call 0851 0001 6930 for details.

Bali Villa Pool Fence
Bali Pool Fence is great if you’re living around Seminyak and Kuta. Their service is impressive and their pool fences are always in the best condition. You can email them or call +62 0361 5543430 for details.

Bali Baby
Bali Baby offers a wide range of baby equipment on hire – baby strollers, cots, prams, car seats, toys and temporary pool fencing. They even provide nappies and Heinz baby food packs. Your pool fence or any other equipment will be delivered to your villa before you get there so you enjoy a stress free holiday. You can email them or call +62 (0) 81933061593 to reserve your equipment.

Bali Villa Related Services
This company offers various villa related services and equipment on hire – pool fencing, folding beds, car seats, BBQ, wheel chair etc. They have the iron and net fencing style and they offer free delivery in Seminyak if you rent for a minimum of 3 nights. You can call them at +62 857 3728 4044.

Pool Toys

A pool fence offers you more control over the pool area so that your kids can enter the pool only under your supervision. So, it’s always better to spend some extra bucks for that peace of mind on holiday.

Family Fun In The Pool

We have some child-friendly villas that offer complimentary use of pool fence during your stay. One villa in particular is Chandra Villas in Seminyak who love children and include a pool fence, baby cot, highchair and even has a baby pram on request. Talk to our villa specialists and they will be happy to assist you with pool fence hire services or any other children’s equipment in Bali.

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