Kamala boasts fantastic dining venues catering to all tastes and budgets. An ample array of Thai, Indian, Italian, American and Mediterranean restaurants springing up throughout the area attract travellers to indulge in impeccable Thai hospitality and amazing food prepared by award-winning chefs and their talented teams. Follow our guide and discover the top ten restaurants in Kamala.

1. Blue Manao

A modern, tiny venue tucked away on Him Had Road, Blue Manao features a casual interior, friendly service and mouth-watering Thai food and seafood dishes. The must-try here are the grilled king prawns, followed by a dessert of sticky rice with mango – sounds weird, but this local sweet treat actually tastes ah-mazing!

Blue Manao Restaurant Kamala Phuket Thailand

2. Baan Mai

Baan Mai is a serene oasis tucked away in a lush tropical garden a short walk from Kamala Beach. Sample an eclectic mix of Tai and Western cuisines, relax by the swimming pool – you can even get a divine massage while waiting for your food to be served!

Baan Mai Restaurant Kamala Phuket Thailand

3. Sweet Dreams Restaurant

An eye-catching roadside venue, Sweet Dreams Restaurant is set in a two-storey house featuring a modern interior and an appealing collection of Thai heritage items: wooden and bronze statuettes, intricate lamps and beautiful textiles. The restaurant serves fabulous Thai cuisine and succulent seafood. There are also numerous vegetarian dishes available on the menu.

Sweet Dream Restaurant Kamala Phuket Thailand

4. Kokosnuss

Unpretentious and simple, Kokosnuss is an affordable German eatery with a casual setting elevated by the amazing food on offer. Yes, that’s right – a German restaurant in Phuket! The restaurant offers a hearty buffet of schnitzels and other German favourites. Kokonuss also serves authentic Thai cuisine for those who prefer to sample some local flavours. The restaurant doubles as a German bakery, meaning there’s plenty of options for dessert.

Kokosnuss Restaurant Kamala Phuket Thailand

5. Plume Prime Steakhouse

Embrace the unparalleled scenery and exquisite setting of the Plume Prime Steakhouse. Chic and classy, this upscale beachfront fine-dining venue exudes sophistication and attracts visitors to indulge in the unforgettable dining experience, savouring an authentic Mediterranean cuisine.

Plume Prime Steakhouse Kamala Phuket Thailand

6. Restaurant at Lillo Island Resort

Set opposite the beach road, the Restaurant at Lillo Island Resort is a tiny casual establishment featuring a wide range of freshly grilled seafood. If you don’t feel like having seafood, the restaurant offers a great array of meat dishes, as well as vegan fare, appeasing all palates.

Restaurant at Lilo Island Resort Kamala Phuket Thailand

7. Bua Restaurant

Bua Restaurants sits on the southern end of Kamala beach. The venue offers a tranquil setting and some of the best ocean views you’ll find in any of the restaurants in Kamala. Serving the usual range of Thai dishes and seafood, the venue is also famous for its desserts, so leave some space for the apple crumble – it really does melt in your mouth.

The Bua Restaurant Kamala Phuket Thailand

8. Grill Bill

From the outside, Grill Bill shares the same loud colour scheme with the ‘Kill Bill’ trilogy, so it’s almost impossible to miss the venue, which sits on Hua Khua Tai road leading down to the beach. Grill Bill enjoys a cult status among diners, serving the best BBQ in town. Many praise the restaurant’s spare ribs as the best they’ve ever had. Don’t believe the hype? Get over here and see for yourself – but you better be here early, as the venue is extremely popular and doesn’t accept online reservations.

Grill Bill Restaurant Kamala Phuket Thailand

9. Smile Restaurant

Smile Restaurant features a large seafood display set in front of the venue, where you could choose the fish you’d like to be cooked for your dinner. Grilled, steamed or fried, your hearty seafood platter will be served in flash accompanied by a side of rice and fresh salad.

Smile Restaurant Kamala Phuket Thailand

10. The Greek Tavern

The Greek Tavern features a Mediterranean-inspired decor and serves authentic Greek cuisine. Treat your taste buds to a genuine moussaka or sample some mixed grilles served with pita bread and classic yoghurt sauce. There’s also a good wine list, meaning you’ll get a great glass of red or white to complete your Greek feast.

The Greek Tavern Kamala Phuket Thailand

Now that you know all the best restaurants in Kamala, it’s time to really start planning your trip! Not sure where to start? Get inspired by Ministry of Villas’ collection of luxury villas in Phuket or contact our team of experts. We’ll do the ground work for you and help you find the best villa for your budget and needs.

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