In the heart of Seminyak

Hidden away within the interconnecting gangs of Seminyak is a jewel of a holiday home and one of our personal favorites in Chandra Villas. When combining together all factors that make up a sincerely memorable stay, such as comfort, aesthetic quality, space, cleanliness and exceedingly remarkable hospitality of staff Chandra Villas is an all-rounder and and just about pips all other accommodation.

Staying in the 3-bedroom Chandra Villa

We had the pleasure of visiting three-bedroom Chandra Villas for a two night stay and knew from the moment we arrived that we had been blessed with a high caliber of villa that is few and far between, so we wasted no time in meeting the onsite team and taking a good look around. Chandra Villas in Bali is a stone’s throw from Seminyak’s charming hub of eateries and retail enterprises, snuggled in perfectly between the main streets for discretion but no more than a five minute taxi ride to all the local hot spots including five star restaurant The Straw Hut and flamboyant nightclub La Favela. By bike, even quicker as you can navigate through the gangs but assuming you have luggage to bring with you will enjoy more comfort travelling by car around Seminyak.

Chandra Villas Living Room|Seminyak, Bali

The services at Chandra Villas

The management team monitor the coming and going of guests 24/7 which is always reassuring to see a friendly face wave you in and security stationed at the front gate. Our designated butler led us through a delicately preserved walkway of lush plants and spiritual monuments that surrounds the villa resort and into the outdoor area. One majestic feature that grabbed each of our attention right away was the stepping stone slabs that protrude from a linear moat, immediately evoking a sense of tranquility.

The living area is comprised of a modern kitchen, dining quarters and an open plan rest area complete with flat screen TV, enormous sofas and plenty of fixtures for storage of all kinds. Although the living area is open plan there is sufficient shelter to ensure you can entertain for those late night occasions. Kids also have the freedom to sit and play without getting under your feet. We particularly enjoyed the welcome basket of fruit and cocktails set up as the standard welcome package. Breakfast is served each morning, a choice of food is available to order directly with the staff. They come and check what time you would like breakfast serviced the night before so this is a great time to select the dishes you have in the morning. It’s the tiniest of gestures that make the big difference.

Chandra Bali Service

Getting a little shut-eye

The master bedroom is also a spectacle in its own right, you can expect a great night’s sleep in the queen-sized four-poster bed with maximum privacy. Included in the room is a large sofa, safety deposit box, ample wardrobe space, air-conditioning and a wide screen TV for those lazy mornings. Two guest bedroom are situated next door, each with an equality stacked assortment of high quality facilities with classy decor that is a real treat on the eye. The standout piece of the bedrooms for us was the ensuite bathrooms, all of which come equipped with an open-air walk-in shower that puts you at one with nature. Close your eyes and you could be in the heart of the jungle! Toiletries, towels and other grooming items that come in handy are supplied free of charge.

Chandra Villas Bathtub|Seminyak, Bali

So on to the pool. It’s the centre piece of the villa premises that sets the tone and perfectly compliments the peaceful surroundings within the secluded villa walls. The pool is tailor made for large social gatherings as its comes with a large undercover lounge suite and several individual loungers that capture a large majority of the sunlight all day long. Bathers beware, the temptation to bask out by the pool all day is a toughie! Locally sourced ornaments of spiritual figures and a tropical orientation of plants give off the finishing touches to your personal spot of paradise here in Bali.

Chandra Villas Swimming Pool | Seminyak, Bali

Will we be back?

You bet! We hardly needed anything at alll during our stay but were reminded on more than one occasion by staff that all we had to do was ask. The only question on the edge of our tongue was ‘When can we check back in?’

Contact our team to book or place a free hold on the villa for your dates. Trust us, when we say you will love the location of Chandra Villas and yes we will be back!

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