Cheap Places to Eat in Niseko

After spending months in Niseko I feel I’m becoming an expert on cheap places to eat in Niseko. I love the food in Japan and generally find the prices on par with Australia or Singapore if eating out. However if you are on a tight budget then take a look at where you’ll find cheap options.


If you are heading to Japan one of my favourite places to eat is an izakaya. An izakaya is a type of informal Japanese gastropub. They are casual places for a light feed with a drink. In Niseko you can walk the street and find several open til late.

The Local Store

In Niseko you will find Seicomart and Lawsons convenience store. Both have a great range of ready to eat meals either for stocking up prior to skiing or taking home and cooking yourself. They also have an incredible amount of wines to choose from (Seicomart is better than Lawsons). As for beers and soft drinks you can find the fridges filled with endless options.

Gorilla at Shiki

If you need food and Wi-Fi now then head to Shiki Niseko apartments. Inside you’ll find a cafe with ready made meals for under $10 and there is also a small supermarket with fresh fruit here. The WI-Fi is super quick so just ask the staff for the password. You are welcome to stay as long as you want which comes in handy if you are like me and have to work while in Niseko.

Lucky Supermarket

If you are staying in Niseko for a while and have an entourage to feed then Lucky Supermarket is the best bet! It’s a 10 minute drive and a massive supermarket stocked filled with everything. Imported meats, fresh fish, vegetables, coffee, diary, bread, wine, sake and beer. You name and they will have it. They also have a great stationary section, basic clothing essentials like socks, bennies, tights, gumboots, gloves for anything you have forgotten.

Food Vans

Right in the heart of town are several food vans selling a variety of warm meals. This place has everything you want in a food truck: reasonable prices, quick service, and delicious food. Most meals are ready to go and under $10.

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