While the idea of going completely off the grid during holiday appeals to some, we understand that not everyone enjoys the thought of being totally disconnected from the world for an extended period of time.

Some can’t wait to turn off their mobiles and step away from their laptops, while others feel anxious just walking into the next room without their mobile with them. Because Bali is such a remote, rustic island it is often incorrectly assumed that the people here still exist in the stone age and the concept of high-speed internet is as foreign to them as the idea of walking on Mars.

Getting Online in Bali

Believe it or not though, Bali is actually extremely modern with regard to Internet access and offers visitors numerous options for staying connected to the rest of the world. Granted, this has not always been the case but in recent years Bali has made a huge effort to “digitize” the area. So, whether you’re taking a working holiday and need to be in constant contacts with your colleagues back in the office, want to e-mail your family while you’re away, or just want to post your holiday snapshots to Facebook to inspire envy amongst all your friends… you won’t be disappointed.

Getting Online in Bali

Free Wi-Fi

Many of our villas offer high-speed wireless Internet access on-premises already, which you will be able to use during the duration of your stay. Our team worked from Villa Omah Padi last month and the speed was great even though the villa is surrounded by rice paddies in Ubud.

Our one pro-tip here is to bring an extra power board/extension cord with you, assuming you plan to recharge your various electronic devices. Despite the 21st century mentality much of Bali architecture was not designed with electronic convenience in mind.

If you’re curious about other options for getting online there are several. First of all, you will always have the option to visit an Internet café, as there are a number of reputable ones on the island. In fact, several of these venues allow free Internet access for patrons who purchase a coffee or bite to eat. If you choose a café that doesn’t offer free access, you will still be charged only a small hourly fee for use.

Mobile 3G Access

Alternatively, you could purchase or rent a wireless Internet modem to use during your stay on the island. Generally, this is considerably less expensive than paying for Internet access at most of the resorts, and you will be able to get a relatively strong signal across most of the island. This is a great choice if you plan to move around a lot, or if you plan to carry your laptop with you and want to be able to access the Internet somewhere other than your villa.

If smartphones are your electronic device of choice but you’re afraid of all the nasty, international fares, you may want to consider purchasing a prepaid international SIM card for your mobile. Once you install the SIM card you will be able to make telephone calls, or even get 3G services to browse the web. As a bonus, if you also carry a laptop computer you may be able to use the same SIM card for it as well, depending on your device.

Connection Desperation

Last but not least, many of the convenience stores on the island of Bali (Circle K for example) also offer free Wi-Fi access to patrons. Yes, you can be “that guy” who loiters in the parking lot in order to pirate Internet access, or you can simply purchase some small item from the store and be welcomed inside to use the Internet for as long as you wish.

Regardless of your specific needs while visiting Bali, our point is to let you know that you need not worry about being able to stay connected to the outside world!


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