Are you and your partner “those people?” You know the type; the parents who can’t go anywhere without loading up your three kids, all of their belongings, and (more often than not), your two dogs and the family cat, then packing them all off with you on even the simplest of errands. Trips to the supermarket are an all day affair and more closely resemble a three-ring circus with a pack of rabid monkeys than a family outing. If that sounds familiar then congratulations, you’ve stumbled upon the prefect holiday planning site!

As much as we know you adore your children, even the best of parents are often hesitant about the idea of taking a family holiday to Indonesia. While the idea of sipping cocktails on the beach may sound like Heaven to you, we find that many parents have no idea how well suited a tropical paradise will be for their darling offspring.

While you undoubtedly have the most well behaved kids in the world, by nature they still require a fair amount of adult supervision and an endless supply of pre-planned activities. Their attention spans simply aren’t developed enough yet to handle days of lounging on a beach while Mum and Dad sip cocktails and catnap in the sun. We perfectly understand that for you as a parent to feel comfortable with the idea of a family holiday in Bali, you must first feel confident you’ll be able to accommodate the needs of your children as well.

As it turns out, if you’ve found your way to this site in the hopes of planning a memorable holiday for your entire family, you need not worry for even an instant. Though this may come, as something of a shock to you, Bali is an absolutely delightful place for a family holiday! So why travel to Bali with children? The island offers all of the luxury, pampering, shopping and relaxation you could possibly hope for, yet it is deeply child and family friendly as well. At no point will you ever be at loss as to how to entertain your children, nor will you feel as though you’ve inadvertently stumbled into an exclusive, adult-only paradise where the kids are unwelcome.

Though Bali is flush with interesting towns and villages, many families tend to target Kuta, a city that is one of the most exciting tourist areas in Bali. More often than not, families with children are electing to forego a traditional hotel in favor of a private villa as well. They find that having extra privacy away from strangers, as well as having a fully stocked kitchen, comfortable living space and separate bedrooms for adults and children are not so much luxuries as necessities.

Additionally with private villas come conveniences such as having the option to hire a personal driver to pick your family up from the airport and whisk you away to your secluded hide-away. Given that kids are often grumpy and tired after a day of travel, it is wonderfully convenient to get from the airport into a villa so easily. Or, suppose you desire a few hours of alone time, away from the kids — Ministry of Villas retains a number of nannies and babysitters all of whom have stellar reputations.

Ministry of Villas is uniquely equipped to provide the absolute easiest and most hassle free holiday planning you could hope to experience. We have compiled a database of over 200 luxury Bali villas, complete with pictures, descriptions and all pertinent information. You’ll discover as you explore the site that each and every one of these properties has been inspected and approved by an expert in the field of luxury accommodation, which means you and your family can rest assured that the villa you book will be perfectly appointed to meet your needs. We’ve also eliminated the need to haggle back and forth with the villa owners to negotiate details of your stay as all of your accommodations can be reserved and paid for in real time, directly through this website.

So, hopefully by now we’ve at least piqued your interest enough to entice you to explore this site a little more. We encourage you to give some thought to what you desire out of a family holiday, then peruse some our listings to see if just maybe, we have exactly what you’re looking for. If at that point you’re still having doubts about whether a private Bali villa holiday is the right choice for your family, we urge you to take the plunge and give it a try. Come experience the paradise that is Bali, Indonesia. We feel confident your only regret will be not having done it before now!

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