Whether or not you’ve been considering a tropical holiday for awhile, chances are you have at some point seen and even been inspired by (either in a movie or on television) the quintessential scene of a powerfully muscled stallion, galloping along the edge of the foamy surf, tail and mane whipping in the salty sea wind, with a lovely damsel atop its back. Cliché, we know, but worth considering while in Bali none the less.

Bali Horse Riding Adventure – located in Cannugu, this establishment is consistently voted one of the top horse riding experiences in all of Bali. While the stables house the company’s own horses, they are also in the business of boarding horses for locals on the island as well, which means you can be sure the staff are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced with all matters pertaining to equine care.

Catering to all levels of experience, the stable will provide your group with a guide, and with an animal that matches your personal comfort and experience level; that is to say, if you’re an experienced rider you need not worry that you’re embarking on a mild, petting zoo pony excursion. Likewise, less experienced riders will be paired with only the gentlest, most tame of animals. Regardless of your level of riding expertise, an experienced guide will lead you through breathtakingly beautiful terrain, lovely sandy beaches, and even private riding lessons if you so desire.

Bali Equestrian Centre – The Bali Equestrian Centre, while relatively new to the island (it first opened in 2011) has nonetheless quickly become one of the area’s premier horseback riding facilities. With a wide range of offerings, you’re sure to find the perfect equestrian island experience here. World-renowned instructors offer private lessons focused on a number of events –everything from basic riding lessons to show preparation and competition to dressage, for both adults and children. The state of the art facilities boast gorgeous new paddock areas, as well as lighted show rings for lessons. Furthermore, Bali Equestrian Centre offers sunset group rides, village tours, a pony club for children, riding camps and can be rented for events such as birthday parties as well.

Adventures-Bali – The Adventures-Bali group offers everything from camel rides to scuba diving experiences…including guided horse back riding excursions along the breathtaking western coast of the island. The beautiful facilities are located right along the coastline, in the tiny seaside town of Yeh Gangga, where you will also be encouraged to explore traditional village life. The guided riding tours will take you over some of the island’s most gorgeous and mysterious black sand beaches, past waterfalls, rice paddies, a sea-salt harvesting area, sacred temples and incredible natural rock formations… among many other exciting sites. Most special of all, your tour will conclude with an opportunity to “swim with the horses” in the warm blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

Whether you have ever seriously contemplated surf-side horseback riding as an excursion on your own personal holiday, we encourage you to give it some serious thought, as Bali has some of the most world-renowned horseback riding tours you could ever hope to encounter.


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