A piece of Chocolat, Villa Chocolat that is…

Imagine a tropical Balinese garden with a strong flavor of wild Africa and you get a hint of an idea what to expect of Villa Chocolat. That’s only the decor, wait until you step through the large double wooden gates, past the sublime outdoor pool and into the white, statuesque living arena. And if you’re rather partial to a clean, modern bedroom with ensuite facilities facing the pool (aren’t we all?) then rest assured you’ll feel right at home.

Choose from 2, 6 or 8 bedrooms

The villa accommodation is split into two sections, a two-bedroom villa and six-bedroom villa, set either side off a large wooden gate. If you’re lucky enough to have a large party occupying both villas renting Villa Chocolat as the 8-bedroom option then the gate serves as a regular walkway. It remains locked at all other times so both villas can be rented separately.

We took a look around and can vouch that the property is totally secure and easy to navigate through so no worries for families with small children. The property itself is positioned within the main gangs behind Seminya’s ‘Eat Street’ and we found that we were within a short walk of a host of lovely restaurants. The hard part is deciding which local cuisine to try out first!

Lazing around

Within the main living areas, you can expect a fusion of mural and painted artwork hanging upon the walls and decorating the garden surroundings. We agreed that the decor had a distinct spiritual vibe about it, making it all so easy to fall into a zen-like state and let all worries vacate your mind. Ceilings are high, fan-powered for extra cooling during those hot afternoons. The seating areas are extremely large, so much space you will want to sofa hop all day long, but we found that the majority of our time was spent by the pool on the comfy leather loungers. We stayed in July and there was almost no mosquitoes given the villa had an open-air design.

Both villas have an equally large pool and adequate garden space to move around in freely. It was a real touch to see that the plants have been left to glide over the balcony walls gracefully and hear the water pumps of the pool churn in such a smoothly manner. It’s the soundtrack to paradise. Did we fail to mention we felt unreservedly relaxed?!

Villa Chocolat interior

The kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms each maintain a high quality of hygiene, with a stylish finish that transcends effortlessly from one room to the next. Each bedroom is equipped with all the regular mod-cons that you will expect, such as TV, wardrobe, security box for valuables and air con. The ensuite bathrooms each feature a walk-in shower and stand-alone bath. For dining you can take full advantage of the mahogany 10-seater table and chairs set in the epicenter of the outdoor living space. Fruit and drinks are stocked in the fridge to keep you refreshed at all times but you do have to pay for the mini-bar. A supply of towels are stored poolside and replenished daily.

The in-villa services

As for the extras, we found the wi-fi to be sufficient for multiple users and had no trouble with finding the necessary equipment for cooking in the kitchen. As mentioned earlier, you’re a short walk from the eateries but if you’re anything like us, you’ll be itching to take food back to the villa and eat within your paradise hot spot. Or order of the in-house menu which operates as a room service and isn’t prepared in the villa. Speaking of which, the Ministry of Villas team tucked into a splendid cooked meal each morning prepared by the staff and this is cooked in the villa at whatever time you wish to eat.

How About a Little Chocolat?

The security and management team is on hand, you will find their station just next to the villa property. Call on them for anything you need, such as transport or breakfast orders.

Words can’t do justice to the delightful time the Ministry of Villas team had here and we know for sure once you get a taste for Villa Chocolat you won’t want to be anywhere else.

Check out Villa Chocolat: http://www.ministryofvillas.com/villas/villa-chocolat/