How do I find something amazing?

Beach bars, stunning sunsets, moonlight rendezvous, sipping cocktails at sunset. So how to rent an epic holiday villa? Renting a holiday villa has all the makings of a good beach novel, but when it comes to villas, there’s a lot to consider: location, décor, price, owners and neighbors, just to name a few. How do you know you’re getting good place at a great deal, with a little luxury and booking it through the right company?

Whether you’re looking for expansive ocean views to host a family gathering or a private retreat for two, there’s a lot to consider when renting a villa online. But how do you find that amazing villa that will suit all your needs, and ensure a hassle-free holiday? Sifting through the thousands of potential properties online can be overwhelming, but here are a few tips to help you find the perfect villa.

Villa Momentai Breakfast Bar | Canggu, Bali

Family Villas, relaxing villas and beachfront villas, oh my!

The choices are endless so be clear on what of type of holiday you are wanting. Ministry of Villas has child friendly villas, beachfront pads, romantic honeymoon villas, family bungalows and the list goes on. Do you want to sun-bake by the pool or shop til you drop? Party or night or intimate nights in?

The villas offer a range of services and all are staffed so you don’t have to lift a finger. Some villas include breakfast daily, a car and driver handy for day trips to explore the local area. For those of you who are looking for inspiration or more detailed information Ministry of Villas has destination guides to help you establish where you want to go.

To search for luxury villas on Ministry of Villas, filter first by the travel dates, Ministry of Villas has accurate rates and availability directly from the owner. You can then search by the number of guests and do an advanced search allowing you to find villas based on a preferred location, by the number of bedrooms, name of the villa and even the total budget you have for the trip.

Villa Eshara Living Room | Seminyak

Start your search early

People know a good deal and popular always get rented first. For the school holidays over Christmas, Villas in Bali start to be booked out as early as April – May.

By September when many people are thinking they should organise a trip many of the ‘cheap’ villas are already gone. Of course, there’s always room for last minute bargains. Some villas that hold their rates for the whole year may panic at the last minute and offer up to 60% off just to have a booking.

Sara O’Shea from Ministry of Villas said “last year we had a stunning 4 bedroom clifftop mansion in Uluwatu drop their rate from $3,600 per night to just $1,000 as they had no bookings.” But a holiday doesn’t have to cost that much. Sara says 25 percent of the villa listings are $400 a night or less”. So a villa doesn’t need to cost an arm or a leg.

Eden Bali Swimming Pool | Batubelig, Bali

Set your price

Renting a villa is anywhere from 30-50 percent less expensive than a hotel stay per night, when you travel with a large group plus you get the villa to yourself. But it’s important to understand the fees associated with villas. In Bali there is a government tax and services that is added to the final rate. On Ministry of Villas this is included in the price you see online however many other websites such as Tripadvisor, Expedia, Agoda and many villa sites add it on just when you are about to pull out the credit card and book the trip.

Now 21% added onto the final price can be a shock! That’s why Ministry of Villas lists the exact price you need to pay when you are searching for a villa within your budget. No hidden fees. The other advantage to booking with Ministry of Villas is you know the rate you see is the best available online, no bulls**t. The price comes direct from the villa owner so there is no point shopping around.

In general, the total cost of the villa will include daily, utilities, housekeeping, villa managers, free Wi-Fi and airport transfers so there is no chance you will be stuck at the airport.

Villa Butlers

Ask all your questions

When you book a villa online you can’t usually ask the villa about the little things that are important to you. Is a pool fence available? Do you have to do the dishes before you depart? Who supplies the toiletries? Are pool towels included? Can I arrange a birthday cake?

At Ministry of Villas the villa specialists find out everything for you, so why would you shop around when someone will do it all for you and it costs no extra? Our team personally inspect the villas on our website to make sure they offer a certain level of services, the villa actually appears the same as the images online and basically you know you are getting exactly what you pay for. We also handle the communication and our staff speak English and the local languages so there is no mis-comuncation which can happen when booking a villa online and overseas.

Santorini, Greece

Don’t limit yourself on location

Location is key, but think outside of the general area and you’ll get a much more diverse villas and better prices then when you stay in popular areas. For example, Seminyak is the most popular area in Bali however 20 minutes away and still on the coast is Canggu. This area is considered the new Seminyak and wait til you see the villas. You can save a few hundred dollars a night and still find the same epic holiday villa.

A villa holiday doesn’t always have to cost a fortune. Tell the villa specialists what you would like and the budget and they will try and make it happen. Stay just one night in a villa and you’ll never stay in a hotel again. Contact the Ministry team today to help you plan a trip away.