Serenity Now

There are some places that truly have a “feeling” about them. Where relaxation and serenity washes over you for the entire duration of your stay regardless of any stress you may have back in the “real world”. The majestic Ivory House is one such place.

Romance is in the Air

Down a tiny dirt road opposite a beautiful expansive field with cows leisurely munching on the grass, you come to smiling faces of the villa staff standing outside on the wraparound balcony of a gorgeous open property that looks as if it should be on the cover of an old romance novel. You drop your bags, grab a fresh drink and then just have a moment to take it all in as you peer inside the stunning colonial residence, complete with lovely artworks and perfectly chosen furniture, then turn around to survey the open land and the inviting blue pool positioned just on the cusp of front lawn.

Ivory House Living Area | Galle, Sri Lanka

Explore Your Own Tea Plantation

The main living space looks out over the green fields, and behind the house you have your very own tea plantation to explore as you wish. Having glorious nature all around you with monkeys, squirrels, even an odd monitor lizard tanning in the sun, truly gives you the sense of holidaying in a foreign land filled with wonder. I wish we had a few more days in order to truly tune out from the outside world and just curate a daily ritual of morning breakfast on the balcony, poolside book reading, feasting for lunch, afternoon nap, then delicious dinner and do it all over again!

Ivory House Swimming Pool | Galle, Sri Lanka

Grandeur All Around

The grandiose bedrooms have dreamy-soft four corner post beds, impressive wooden floors, huge old-style dressers, and ample modern-come-colonial bathrooms that have the beautiful old fittings but with the exotic outdoor rain showers and his-and-her vanities. Talk about having the best of both worlds.

Ivory House Bedroom Side View | Galle, Sri Lanka

Second-To-None Staff

Ivory House is managed by wonderful staff who were almost like family after Day 1. They were so knowledgeable about Sri Lanka and the surrounding area to answer all of our tourist questions (as well as keeping us fed and watered without ever being prompted). We will miss them greatly.

Ivory House Master Bathroom | Galle, Sri Lanka

5-Star Living

This property is truly one of the reasons to head to Sri Lanka – a unique and enthralling experience with nature, where you are in utter luxury, but still have a sense of homeliness and familiarity with the country and its surrounds. Ivory House IS 5-star living at its best.

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