Think of your wildest holiday fantasy – one where you have an entire private luxury resort as your accommodation, one where you want to jump in the infinity pool and frolic after zipping down your private waterslide, one where you want to play shuffleboard outside with a cocktail in hand after being entirely relaxed by a professional Ayrvevdic Massage and steam session, one where the quality of the food served up daily is like nothing you have ever eaten with the variety and intricacies of taste, one where your every whim is taken care of. This is the reality upon arriving at Ani Villas Sri Lanka. And as they say, it’s all yours.

More of Anything? More of Everything!

Ani Villas Sri Lanka, as is true with all of their unparalleled properties globally, has taken the next-step in luxury travel experiences by offering up absolutely splendid facilities, word-class food and entertainment, and meticulous design, all combined to be of no limit for you after you have paid the initial booking. What this means is that, upon setting foot on the grounds, Ani Villas is truly is a paradise of holiday luxury to relish in for the entire duration of your stay without a care in the world.

Ani Villas Sri Lanka Infinity Pool | Dickwella, Sri Lanka

Pools, Waterslides, and Shuffleboard

The adventures begin when you can tear yourself away from your gorgeous bedrooms (did you get the private plunge pool on the balcony?) with their oh-so-inviting beds and epic views, and explore the vast 15-bedroom villa grounds that have delights in offer such as water slides into the infinity pools, tennis courts, and even an outdoor shuffleboard court for you to try your hand at some old-style glamorous games of skill. The list of services they provide truly astound – professionally-trained local custom Ayurvedic Massage is a must, as is a session with the personal trainer in their world-class gym. Bu maybe you would prefer a guided bike ride in the gorgeous surrounding nature, or a walk down the endless deserted beach as far as your eye can see?

5-star Dining Every Time

The next part of the Ani Villas equation they have successfully mastered is the exceptional food and signature cocktails on offer. 3-courses of delight each time, every dish seemingly outdoing the last (or maybe we are just gluttons and the desserts were out-of-this-world!). Grab a signature cocktail to revel in alongside your dishes, or maybe as an aperitif to be enjoyed at the bar, in the sunken pool lounge, or at any of the multiple amazing spots dotting the property such as the expansive outdoor salas or indoor mezzanine dining space. There are so many hidden treasures in the spaces to spend your time, you will doubtless find your favourite before the end of the holiday.

Garden of Eden Set On The Beach

The location on the beautifully rugged southern Sri Lankan coast has awe-inspiring views regardless of where you look. Not to be overshadowed by glorious open ocean views above the beach, the manicured Ani Villas gardens surrounding the property and the stylish-design of the buildings will give you a sense of wonder that only grows over the course of your stay as you wander across into the library, or the games room, or the impressive lounge living areas. I for one almost could have just remained on my private deck overlooking the grounds each afternoon and just watched the sun set each day as my own slice of holiday heaven.

Ani Villas Sri Lanka Gardens | Dickwella, Sri Lanka

An Ani Villas luxury stay is truly one to be experienced, and when it finally comes time to leave the marvellous bubble that is the world living life on the property, there may definitely be some adjustment to be made before you make it back into the real world!