There are many, many great things about staying in a villa: private pools, great home entertainment systems, access to a full kitchen, plenty of space and all the privacy you’ll ever need. But one of the absolute best things about villa holidays is the dedicated villa staff. Unlike in a hotel, in a villa, the staff is really there just for you.

If you’re staying in a villa for the first time, this can also feel a bit overwhelming. What are all of these people actually here to do? Look no further my friend – here are the best villa staff services explained.

Villa Manager

The villa manager knows the ins and outs of the villa and coordinates the rest of the staff. The manager is there to greet you upon arrival and guide you through the check in process. He or she will introduce you to the rest of the villa staff and give you a grand tour of the villa itself.

The villa manager can answer your questions about the locale and help you plan day trips and give recommendations on local attractions and restaurants.


One of the best things about being on holiday? Duh – not having to make the bed in the morning! All of our villas include housekeeping, meaning you won’t need to lift a finger during your villa stay.

Housekeepers make the beds in the morning, clean up after you, arrange laundry service and look after the general tidiness and upkeep of the villa.


Your very own butler – how decadent! Many villas come staffed with a dedicated butler or depending on the size of the villa, a whole team of butlers.

Essentially, butlers are there to make you feel like a million bucks. This can mean anything from serving cocktails by the pool, arranging a tray of canapés for sunset or assisting with serving at mealtimes.

Villa Butlers


Foodie heaven, found! Many high-end villas are staffed with a full time personal chef. This means that you can enjoy gourmet food without leaving the villa. This is great when you want to enjoy a family dinner with some added privacy or simply want to indulge in amazing food made just for you.

Most villas provide a priced menu where you can simply pick and choose whatever looks good. Maybe it’s a lavish barbecue feast for the whole clan? Or a romantic dinner for two? You can also discuss specific cravings or dietary requirements with the skilled chefs.

Browse and book villas staffed with a private chef.

Spa Therapist

Destinations like Bali and the Thai islands are ideal for indulging in some spa bliss. Some of the most high-end villas are staffed with an in-house spa therapist. All-inclusive destination villas like the fabulous Ani Villas in Thailand and Sri Lanka even offer complimentary spa treatments as included in their daily rates.

For most villas, however, the spa therapists aren’t part of the in-house staff. Instead, massages and other spa treatments can be arranged at all of our villas from reputable outside providers.

Personal Masseuse


So you’ve arrived at your villa… now how do you get out and about? Booking a villa which has a car and driver included in the daily rate will make logistics a breeze.

In most villas, an included chauffeur means that a car and driver are on stand-by for guests’ complimentary use for up to eight hours a day, excluding the cost of petrol.

Browse and book villas staffed with a driver.

If a driver is not already included in the villa’s daily rate, we can hep you arrange a driver for a small additional fee. At our Bali villas, we offer a car and driver for a fixed rate of USD $55 per day.


Security is, of course, an important consideration, especially if you’re travelling with family and most villas come staffed with security guards.

Security guards are usually on duty either 24 hours a day or during the night. If security is not included in the villa’s daily rate, extra security can also be arranged for a fee.

It’s important to note that the fact that security is included in a villa’s services does not mean that the area is particularly unsafe. It’s simply a precaution and something that most travellers expect. It’s nice to know the villa is being looked after and to have a friendly face to welcome you back “home.”

Bali Chandravillas Chauffeur

Ministry of Villas Extra: Concierge

In addition to the staff services listed above which are available in individual villas, Ministry of Villas offers a complimentary concierge service.

This service includes everything from helping you find the perfect villa to suit your budget and needs to arranging a protective pool fence for the villa and recommending restaurants and activities for you to try while on holiday. We can help you plan the whole trip and offer invaluable local knowledge to make your stay perfect. We can also help you plan a retreat in one of our villas.

This is a complimentary service included with all booking made with Ministry of Villas. Read more about our concierge service.

Bali Concierge Service

Ministry of Villas offers luxury villas across Asia. Browse and book villas directly on our website or contact our villa specialists for personalised assistance.

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