One of the most south-after destinations in Sri Lanka, Galle boasts amazing dining venues housed in old Colonial style buildings dotting the town centre. Featuring some of the best dining in Sri Lanka, most of the restaurants in Galle serve an outstanding mix of local and international cuisine with lots of fresh seafood. Check out our picks and discover the best restaurants in Galle.

1. Fortaleza

Treat your taste buds to gorgeous Sri Lankan cuisine with a Singaporean twist, complete with wine pairing or a signature cocktail at Fortaleza. What was once a spice warehouse now hosts a shady and attractive restaurant, featuring cosy tables dotting the large courtyard fringed by a colonial-style fence, and providing a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Fortaleza Restaurant Galle Sri Lanka

2. Lucky Fort Restaurant

For an authentic homemade Sri Lankan curry, head to Lucky Fort Restaurant. A tiny family-run eatery set on Parawa street, this secluded restaurant serves an incredible range of local curries in huge portions adapted to suit Western tastes. One set menu is more than enough for two people, especially if you’re also planning to sample some local desserts later.

Lucky Fort Restaurant Galle Sri Lanka

3. Royal Dutch Cafe

Perched on a grand colonnaded porch, Royal Dutch Cafe is a small but appealing local restaurant owned by an eminent “storyteller.” If you are travelling alone, he won’t let you get bored while sampling the delightful banana pancakes or delicious Sri Lankan curry for dinner. The selection of teas and coffees served at Royal Dutch Cafe is also astonishing.

Royal Dutch Cafe Galle Sri Lanka

4. Crepe-ology

Tucked away in a lush tropical greenery, Crepe-ology caters to dessert lovers, offering fabulous crepes and great coffee. Small and cosy, the restaurant sits meters away from the beach, next to the Historical Mansion Museum. Crepe-ology features comfy, colourful sofas and low tables, seducing guests to relax, unwind and savour some light bites from their elaborate menu.

Crepe-ology Restaurant Galle Sri Lanka

5. The Heritage Cafe

Like most of the restaurants in Galle, The Heritage Cafe sits in a small courtyard of a colonial-style building and features a quaint and cosy setting. Specialising in local food, the restaurant offers an ample array of seafood dishes and selected Western favourites. The coffee served in the restaurant is original Italian Lavazza, treating coffee lovers to amazing quality and taste.

The Heritage Cafe Galle Sri Lanka

6. Elita Restaurant

A simple Sri Lankan restaurant, Elita Restaurant is an unpretentious establishment with an unassuming black-and-white sign in the front. Take a seat in the spacious indoor dining area or go alfresco. Elita’s mouth-watering speciality is the grilled seafood, that will definitely make you fall in love with this quaint little eatery. The award-winning Chef knows how to cook seafood to preserve the taste to the max.

Elita Restaurant Galle Sri Lanka

7. The Original Rocket Burger

The Original Rocket Burger offers a break from the ubiquitous Sri Lankan curries and Italian pizza and invites guests to sample authentic burgers and steaks cooked to perfection. A modern yellow interior, simple furnishings and impeccable service are among its major highlights, attracting travellers to treat their taste buds to some juicy and succulent Australian beef.

The Original Rocket Burger Galle Sri Lanka

8. Chambers Restaurant

Chambers Restaurant stands out with its exotic Moroccan-inspired interior and delicious traditional Middle East dishes. Serving a huge array of cuisines from Arab to Turkish and from Moroccan to Lebanese, there is something for everyone in the Chambers Restaurant.

Chambers Restaurant Galle Sri Lanka

9. Pedlar’s Inn Cafe

Pedlar’s Inn Cafe is a beautiful and modern dining venue featuring an eye-catching terra-cotta exterior and Irish-pub-style interior with quality wooden furnishing, muted lights and comfy seating. Pedlar’s Inn serves a wide selection of Western favourites including pasta, sandwiches, steaks and fresh salads, along with some amazing desserts.

Pedlar's Inn Cafe Galle Sri Lanka

10. Wijaya Beach Restaurant

For a sophisticated and laidback dining experience, head to the Wijaya Beach Restaurant. The dining venue is an excellent spot to while away an afternoon, relishing gorgeous seafood, fresh tuna sashimi and fantastic Italian pizza, matched with tropical cocktails and ice cold beers.

Wijaya Beach Cafe Galle Sri Lanka

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