For a long time, Senggigi was the only major tourist destination in Lombok. Not surprisingly, today this beautiful coastal village boasts an incredible selection of dining venues catering to all tastes and budgets. Check out our ten picks for the yummiest restaurants in Senggigi!

1. Asmara Restaurant

Asmara is a beautiful restaurant located on the street of Jalan Raya Senggigi. The popular venue serves genuine Indonesian cuisine and delicious Western favourites. The menu highlights include chicken cooked in coconut sauce, which comes with a side of basmati rice and fresh salad.

Asmara Restaurant Senggigi Lombok

2. Warung Paradiso

Warung Paradiso features tables set on the sand right on the water’s edge, providing stunning ocean views to feast your eyes on. As for the food, tret you tastebuds to some succulent seafood barbecue fare. Relish a breathtaking sunset, sip a cold beer and sample gorgeous seafood while resting your feet in the warm sand. Island dining at its finest!

Warung Paradiso Senggigi Lombok

3. Cafe Alberto

Relish the sounds of the roaring ocean and celebrate the genuine, flavourful Italian cuisine served at Cafe Alberto. The beachfront venue also serves delectable seafood platters and organic salads appeasing all palates. Out of all the restaurants in Senggigi, Cafe Alberto is a great choice if you’re looking for something a bit more upscale but still want to be close to the beach.

Cafe Alberto Senggigi Lombok

4. Warung Amalia

Warung Amalia serves amazing Indonesian food at the superb value. The eatery specialises in fresh seafood platters, seafood tempura and grilled fish, which comes served with side dishes and traditional Indonesian sambal sauce. Be careful – that sambal is seriously spicy!

Warung Amalia Senggigi Lombok

5. Square Restaurant

One of the most frequented fine-dining venues in Senggigi, Square Restaurant provides an ample array of dishes to choose from: traditional local curries and satays, mouth-watering seafood, delicious Western favourites, healthy and gluten-free options to number but a few. A great option for fine-dining or marking a special occasion while in Lombok.

Square Restaurant Senggigi Lombok

6. Lotus Bayview Restaurant

Featuring jaw-dropping sunset view, Lotus Bayview Restaurant offers a romantic beachfront dining experience and yummy Italian cuisine. The must-try is the thin wood oven fired pizza and of course, real Italian gelato for dessert.

Lotus Bayview Restaurant Senggigi Lombok

7. Quali Seafood Restaurant

Elegant and sophisticated, Quali Seafood Restaurant is a beachfront fine-dining venue with an elaborate menu, and some of the best cocktails served on the island. Besides the delightful seafood (the restaurant’s speciality), the restaurant also offers a lavish buffet spread on Saturday nights.

Quali Seafood Restaurant Senggigi Lombok

8. Banana Leaf Cafe

Simple and unpretentious, Banana Leaf Cafe caters to travellers on a tighter budget and offers delicious and bargain-priced fresh seafood dishes and delectable local desserts. Banana Leaf is a rather small venue, so it is highly recommended to arrive a little earlier to make sure you get the best table and enjoy faster service.

Banana Leaf Cafe Senggigi Lombok

9. The Ballroom

The Ballroom is an exquisite beachfront restaurant, which stands out with its elegant setting and eclectic mix of local and international cuisine. The real highlight of the venue, however, is the mouthwateringly delicious seafood prepared in the traditional way: grilled on coconut shells and served with rich authentic sauces. Heaven!

The Ballroom Restaurant Senggigi Lombok

10. Papa Besar Cafe

If you are craving for some genuine Indonesian cuisine, head to Papa Besar Cafe, a modern and trendy venue located on the main street of Jalan Raya Senggigi. Gado Gado, chicken and fish satays, seafood curries and beef rendang are among the yummiest dishes served at the restaurant – or at any of the restaurants in Senggigi, for that matter.

Papa Besar Cafe Senggigi Lombok

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