Serene and peaceful, Surin’s dining scene offers a couple of great fine-dining venues but most of the restaurants in Surin are cosy eateries catering to travellers of all budgets. Check out our list of the best restaurants in Surin, Phuket!

1. Bocconcino Restaurant

A stylish Italian restaurant and shop, Bocconcino Restaurant is located opposite Surin Plaza within a short walk from the beach. The restaurant serves authentic Italian fare such as fresh homemade pasta, focaccia, pizza, salads and other favourites. What really makes this venue stand out among similar restaurants is Surin, is that they only use high-quality imported ingredients to ensure authentic Italian flavours.

Bocconcino Restaurant Surin Phuket Thailand

2. D Restaurant

D Restaurant is a modern local eatery serving delicious Thai and Western cuisine. Stylish decor and stellar service make this Thai eatery stand out, treating customers to amazing food, great atmosphere and impeccable service.

D Restaurant Surin Phuket Thailand

3. Weaves Restaurant

Housed in the traditional Thai-style building, Weaves Restaurant is a chic and sophisticated dining venue offering a stunning interior and an intimate setting catering to guests looking to dine in style. The elaborate menu includes both local and international dishes and provides a wide selection of wines to complete your dining experience.

Weaves Restaurant Surin Phuket Thailand

4. The Red Tablecloth

The Red Tablecloth is a roadside restaurant serving an ample array of Thai and Asian dishes in a simple yet cosy setting. If you don’t fancy eating super-spicy food, ask the staff to prepare a non-spicy version of your preferred dish or to serve the sauce separately, so you can adjust the level of hotness according to your taste.

The Red Tablecloth Restaurant Surin Phuket Thailand

5. Surin Bay Inn

A long-established midrange dining venue, Surin Bay Inn offers an strategic location, decent menu and reasonable prices, attracting both locals and tourists. The eatery serves Thai and European cuisine in huge portions, so make sure you arrive with an empty stomach. Surin Bay Inn sits at the northern end of Surin Beach, making for an easy dining option after a day on the picture-perfect beach.

Surin Bay Inn Restaurant Phuket Thailand

6. Blue Marlin Restaurant and Bar

Vibrant and appealing, Blue Marlin is not only a fabulous restaurant but also a trendy bar offering a free  swimming pool and delicious cocktails to savour. For dinner, you can indulge in fresh grilled seafood or go local and sample some authentic Thai fare at superb value.

Blue Marlin Restaurant Surin Phuket Thailand

7. Pla Seafood

Another inexpensive local restaurant located right on Surin Beach, Pla Seafood serves succulent seafood and selected Thai and Western favourites. Relaxed, peaceful and secluded, the eatery provides beautiful ocean views and a laid-back atmosphere, catering to travellers seeking serenity.

Pla Seafood Surin Phuket Thailand

8. Audy Restaurant

Audy is an open-air beachfront eatery featuring unparalleled ocean views, a romantic atmosphere and bargain-priced local fare. The restaurant specialises in barbecued seafood, but the menu also offers a vast selection of Thai dishes well worth trying.

Audy Restaurant Surin Phuket Thailand

9. Bluelagoon

This hidden gem is located within a short walk from Surin Beach. Bluelagoon offers delightful Asian food and inexpensive seafood. Spread out on two floors, try grabbing a seat on the upper floor to avoid the noise pouring in from the street.

Bluelagoon Restaurant Surin Phuket Thailand

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