The Bali Buda Cafe has been around for years since 1994. They have been offering ‘real’ organic food for years to the health conscious and educating people on the advantages of growing and eating fresh produce. Here in Bali they have quite a following. There is a Bali Buda cafe and shop in Kerobokan on the main road to Canggu and one in Ubud.

Everything is handmade and no large industrial equipment is used. 90% of the waste is recycled or composted. The food is fresh and healthy. They also do not use plastic so the straws are made of glass! Certainly not the easiest to drink out of but good to see they are looking after the environment.


Fresh bread is made daily along with cakes and pastries.


The entrance to Bali Buda cafe and shop on the main road heading to Canggu.


Healthy snacks. We recommend the peanut butter balls or cinnamon balls.


The Bali Buda shop stocks all the goodies you can’t find in other local shops. Vitamins, vegetables, wheat free products and the list goes on.


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