Romantic Horse Riding in Bali

An unforgettable experience is available in Bali: the thrill of riding a beautiful horse through the rice fields heading down to the beach is something you will never forget. Either romance for a couple, or an adventure for the whole family, it is worth a try.

Horse Riding in Canggu

I have magnificent memories from last year when my now husband and I were horse riding in Canggu: partly because that was where he proposed and partly due to the fantastic feelings while sitting in the saddle! The picturesque landscapes of Canggu’s rice fields and the splendid beach are the main attractions during the ride, adding an element of romance for everyone.

Horse Riding Ocean Canggu Bali

Kuda P Stables

I had no idea where we were going until I saw a small signboard with the pointer to the Kuda P Stables. The stables are located just 10 minutes drive from Canggu, but it is easy to miss the sign and the turn if you aren’t looking out. We were met by the personnel and were offered to change our clothing. If you are planning a horse ride, wear comfy shoes and long pants, as horse sweat is very acrid, hence jeans are the choice of the cowboy!

Horse Riding Kuda P Stables Bali

Horse Riding through the Rice Paddies and by the Ocean Shore

The tour starts with the briefing for those who have never sat in a saddle. During whole horse ride, we were accompanied by the grooms riding their horses, and leading our horse by the bridle. I used to do horse riding previously back home so this was not really necessary for intermediates, however, customer’s safety is top priority in order to ensure everyone is safe and comfortable. The tour lasted for 2 hours and includes 1.5 hours riding through stunning rice fields and 30 minutes with a faster-paced trot by the beach. My groom allowed me to gallop as well, but maintained on holding the bridle of my horse all the time to be safe.

Horse Riding Rice Paddies Canggu Bali

Heading Back to the Stables

The time passed so quickly as we were having fun, and before we knew it we were heading back to the stables and required to wash our horses in the river. This was done by having us enter the water, sitting in the saddle, with the legs knee-deep in the water. This was the perfect place to take some memorable photos. During the whole voyage, grooms were holding the cameras and phones and were taking hundreds of amazing pictures for us.

Horse Riding River Canggu Bali

The return trip runs through the beautiful Pererenan village. It is an energetic day out with the tour on horseback, so instead we took our time walking slowly looking around at the local temples and houses. In the camp we were offered to take a break and draw some breath, quench our thirst, and also to savour a delicious fried banana dessert.

Horse Riding Canggu Bali

I truly enjoyed everything about the horse riding in Bali. Galloping along the coastline, reveling in the sound of the roaring ocean, and trotting through the rice fields was a unique and fantastic experience that I would recommend to all.