While Chalong in Phuket cannot be referred to as a shopping mecca like Patong and Phuket Town, you can still find some great shops catering to the daily needs of tourists and locals alike. You can easily find foods and necessities to buy in Chalong. There are also numerous souvenir and book shops in the area. Discover some of the best shopping in Chalong and get ready for some retail therapy!

1. Phuket HomePro Village and Villa Market

Phuket HomePro Village and Villa Market is a large shopping centre housing several retail shops and a supermarket catering to your daily needs. You can find everything from home improvement to toys and from electronics to furniture. You can also pick up fresh fruits and vegetables, stock up on some local and imported goods and maybe pick out some spa products while your at it.

Phuket Homepro Village and Villa Market Chalong Phuket-thailand

2. Pearl Art Factory

Pearl Art Factory is a massive retail store and workshop housing thousands of pieces of quality fresh and salt water pearl jewellery. Colours, shapes and sizes vary from one item to the next so there’s variety in appearance and price. You can be sure to find a unique piece of jewellery, which will suit both your personal taste and your budget.

Gem Pearls Shopping Senggigi Lombok

3. Kinnaree House

One of the largest souvenir shops in the Chalong bay region, Kinnaree House is a haven of quality gifts to bring back home to your loved ones – or maybe just keep all to yourself! Serving a fantastic array of jewellery, Thai silks and batiks and ceramics as well as leather products and woodcarvings, there is something for everyone in the Kinnaree House.

Kinnaree House Shopping Chalong Phuket Thailand

4. Night Market

The Night Market in Chalong belongs on your Phuket bucket list. Offering a vast selection of genuine local foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as affordable clothing, shoes, bags and other souvenirs, the market is a favourite shopping spot among locals, expats and tourists. The best time to visit this open-air hub is on Saturday and Sunday when there are hundreds of sellers coming in from all around Phuket to sell their goods.

Night Market Chalong Phuket Thailand

5. Chai Batik Phuket

An unpretentious shop with a quaint facade and middle size parking lot in front, Chai Batik is a haven of traditional textiles and fabrics. You can purchase dyed batik products at a superb value here. The ample array of bright sarongs, T-shirts and shirts, bags and other items will make a gorgeous gift back home.

Chai Batik Chalong Phuket Thailand

6. Used Books

What’s a holiday without a good beach read?! If you love reading, then head to the Used Books shop located in the centre of Chalong bay area. Crammed full of titles, the bookshelves are well organised by language and genre, so you can easily find a book to suit your taste. Arguably the best spot for book shopping in Chalong.

Used Books Chalong Phuket Thailand

7. Lemongrass House

Lemongrass House is a legendary Thai-based bath store where you can shop 100% natural and organic spa products made in small quantities which guarantees amazing quality. Pamper your body with fabulous essential oils, bath creams, scrubs, shower gels or any other product of your choice available in this hub of world-famous natural Thai cosmetics.

Lemongrass House Bangtao Phuket Thailand

From unique souvenirs to household goods and all the way to pampering bath products, shopping in Chalong might not be as extravagant as elsewhere in Phuket, but still offers a fair selection of shops for visitors. If nothing else, you’ll get a colourful glimpse at local culture while haggling for the prices at the night market!

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