Shopping in Gili Air is a laid-back affair with a handful of shops scattered around the island. You can expect to find the usual range of souvenirs and basic necessities, but for more serious shopping you should head to Lombok or Bali. Check out our quick guide to shopping in Gili Air

1. Sea Gypsy Gili Air

Sea Gypsy is a lovely boutique selling an eclectic mix of tropically-inspired beachwear, casual summer dresses and hand woven tops catering to fashionistas on holiday. You can also pick up some unique and handmade jewellery, accessories and natural spa products to bring back home with you.

Sea Gypsy Boutique Gili Air Lombok

2. Siti Store

Siti Store is the largest general store in Gili Air, tucked away inland. The shop provides a selection of toiletries (including sunscreen and bug repellents), soft drinks, snacks, groceries, fruits and vegetables and other necessities along with some cheap knick-knacks and souvenirs.

Siti Store Gili Air Lombok

3. Lizzy Darling Jewellery

Lizzy Darling Jewellery stocks amazing handmade leather shoes and bags, affordable silver and gold jewellery and a beautiful collection of daily wares. The store also offers a fantastic selection of organic spa products. What could be better than pampering your body with a handmade natural scrub or aromatic bath foam while soaking in your luxury villa’s bathtub?

Jean-Francois Fischot Shop Ubud Bali

4. Night Market

Gili Air hosts a regular night market, although it’s only open during the high season (from July to September). Here, holiday-makers can savour some authentic Indonesian cuisine and share a table with friendly locals. Grilled fish and seafood, street corn, fish and chicken satays, curries and nasi gorengs are only a few fares you could sample here. Once your done eating, you can also tae a look at the souvenirs and knick-knacks on offer.

Night Market Gili Air Lombok

Gili Air is a tiny parade island boasting world-class diving, snorkelling and surfing spots, stunning natural attractions and laid-back dining and drinking venues. However, don’t expect to find the same endless row of shopping stalls and bustling markets dotting the island like you would in Lombok or Bali. With several tiny stores catering to the needs of holiday-makers, Gili Air represents an ideal balance between necessary development and secluded tropical escape.