Celebrate In Style

Whether you are looking to host a family reunion, celebrate your birthday, or just looking for an excuse to spend a week by the beach with your own private bar, Talalle House is exactly what you are looking for!

Talalla House Gardens | Talalla, Sri Lanka

Talalle House an Affordable Sri Lankan Villa

With a modern efficiently-spaced design formed next to a hillside, Talalle House gives out epic views across the entire curvature of what is practically a private bay for its lucky guests. Watching the waves come in sideways alongside the beach rather than directly out from it on the sand truly has a mesmerising effect, and you may just find yourself caught up for hours gazing out. The property feels at one with its surroundings, even having the wall being built around the slanted palms that adorn the edges of the garden. With a gentle breeze keeping you cool day or night, you could be forgiven for not wanting to leave once your time is up as this Sri Lankan hidden gem is too good to give up.

Talalla House Living Area | Talalla, Sri Lanka

Cocktails, Cocktails, Cocktails

The ample rooms all have generous windows ensuring the view doesn’t go to waste, and when you finally tear yourself out of the comfortable beds and pop downstairs the wonderful professionally-trained staff are ready and waiting at your service to either cook up a feast, whip up a coffee, or maybe just indulge you with a cocktail from the private bar to top off your holiday vibes! The dining table has a unique personality all of its own, crafted so that one side is within the glass walls with the other outside, enabling you to have literally indoor and outdoor dining all at once as you so choose!

Talalla House Dining Area | Talalla, Sri Lanka

Entertaining Your Entourage

Shall we mention the impressive rooftop set-up, perfectly tailor-made for events and entertaining with a bar and service point station? Grab your family and friends and have the party of your lifetime with no stress, all set in this beautiful location where you can pop down and jump in the inviting crystal blue pool for a dip, or sneak off back to your luxury bedroom accommodation when you have had enough. Talalle House has the ideal backdrop of endless beach vistas and well-organised functionality to be able to handle all of the challenges that may arise, and ensure you have a memorable occasion.

Talalla House Ocean View | Talalla, Sri Lanka

Setting The Scene In Paradise

When it comes to hosting an event, few places could offer such as amazing setting than Talalle House on Sri Lanka’s simply stunning rugged shoreline. Villas don’t come much better than this for providing luxury accommodation and holiday memories of a lifetime.

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