Kata’s shopping scene is diverse and bountiful, featuring several shopping centres, numerous standalone boutiques and a couple of local markets. Follow our guide to discover some of the best shopping in Kata and enjoy some retail therapy in sunny Phuket.

1. Udomagg

Udomagg is a two-storey shopping complex selling a wide selection of footwear: shoes, sandals, high-heels… it’s all here, in a variety of fabrics and materials. You will also find an ample array of leather bags, jackets and belts, as well as handmade wooden handicrafts and toys to treat the little ones.

Udomagg Shop Kata Phuket Thailand

2. Parin Waris

Treat your body to aromatic, organic and 100% natural spa products at Parin Waris. Handmade soaps, bath foams, aromatherapy products, Thai, Ayurvedic and herbal products, essential oils and, of course, virgin coconut oil are among the most popular items available in the shop.

Parin Waris Shop Kata Phuket Thailand

3. Kata Bazaar

Kata Bazaar is a typical local market made up of numerous aisles selling everything from bug repellents to fake designer bags and sunglasses. You might be able to make some real finds here – just remember to bargain (politely!) before settling on a price with the vendors.

Royal Paradise Night Market Phuket Thailand

4. Findig

Findig is similar to Udomagg in terms of setting and assortment. Selling leather shoes, bags, belts, souvenirs and rolling luggage, the store is Western-oriented and provides a wide selection of enclosed shoes at a great value, catering to those coming from the colder parts of the world.

Findig Shop Kata Phuket Thailand

5. Kata Market

Kata Market is a spacious open-air local market set on Kata road opposite to Chaba Resort.You can find anything from the fresh fruits and vegetables to second hand and new clothes, costume jewellery and bargain-priced Thai souvenirs. If you want to get an authentic local experience while shopping in Kata, you should definitely check out Kata Market.

Night Weekend Market Phuket Thailand

6. Dino Plaza

Dino Plaza is a cluster of street stalls located adjacent to Dino Park perched on the cliff between Kata and Karon. Crammed full of souvenirs, wood carvings, electronics, DVDs and other similar items, the plaza opens in the afternoon when the weather cools off a bit and remains open until late, catering to holidaymakers returning from dinner.

Dino Plaza Kata Shopping Phuket Thailand

7. Baru Fashion

Baru Fashion is a chic boutique offering a huge selection of trendy beachwear and quality resort apparel, along with brand-name bikinis and beach accessories. The modern setting, full air-conditioning, friendly assistants and generous mirrors will make your shopping experience at Baru Fashion a pleasant and exciting affair.

Baru Fashion- Shopping Kata Phuket Thailand

8. Siam Handicrafts

Siam Handicrafts is an attractive street stall standing out among hundreds of similar shops with its high-quality products. You will find a large selection of appealing home ornaments, quality souvenirs, silk and pashmina scarves, weightless tunics and shirts. The products at Siam Handicrafts are also a great gift idea to bring back home with you.

Siam Handicrafts Kata Phuket Thailand

9. Kata Leather House

Kata Leather House sells an elaborate collection of quality hand crafted leather shoes, boots, jackets and other leatherwear. If you’re looking for a custom-mad pair of shoes or other leather wear, Kata Leather House can also make items to order.

Kata Leather House Phuket Thailand

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