Despite its reputation as a sleepy costal village, Candidasa is not devoid of after-hours fun. If you know where to look, there are plenty of spots where you can have a late night beer or an exotic tropical cocktail while listening to live music played by local or visiting foreign acts. If you are a night owl and wonder where to have a sunset cocktail in Candidasa, check out these fantastic bars, which will keep you entertained and awake well after sunset.

1. New Queen Pub and Restaurant

Located in the heart of Candidasa, New Queen Pub offers a full-scale nightlife experience with an ample selection of custom cocktails and mocktails, ice cold beers and even stronger drinks. Regular local bands playing a wide range of music ranging from pop to blues attract crowds night after night, so if you are planning to enjoy your dinner at the pub as well, then it’s highly recommended to make a reservation.

New Queen Bar - Where to Have a Sunset Cocktail in Candidasa, Bali

2. Legend Rock Cafe

Catering to travellers of all ages, Legend Rock Cafe offers a vibrant atmosphere with a mix of resident DJs, regular live performances and a live sports feed. The venue stands out not only due to the fun and friendly atmosphere, but its generous donation program. Every dollar spent in the bar is donated to the development of education and youth programs in the local region. So while you’re chilling out and relaxing, you are also helping local youth to get ahead in life.

Legend Rock Cafe - Where to Have a Sunset Cocktail in Candidasa, Bali

3. Toke Cafe Bar

Situated on the western end of the main restaurant strip in the centre of Candidasa, Toke Cafe and Bar, like any other venue in the area, is part excellent restaurant and part lovely bar. Regular live bands, karaoke nights and super-friendly staff promise a night filled with good vibes, fun and entertainment. There never really is a dull moment at Toke Cafe and Bar.

Toke Cafe Bar - Where to Have a Sunset Cocktail in Candidasa, Bali

4. Lingalonga

Quite tranquil during the day, Lingalonga is transformed into a tiny party hub after sunset. The place is famous for its genial band trio which plays explosive pop music and invites guests to join them in singing, dancing and of course, drinking!

Lingalonga Bar - Where to Have a Sunset Cocktail in Candidasa, Bali

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