Shopping in Surin is a rather laid-back affair. Boasting status as the most luxurious neighbourhood in Phuket, Surin features several standalone shops and one large shopping centre, where you can find a wide selection of clothes, toiletries, souvenirs, handicrafts and other items to take home. Check out our picks for the best shopping in Surin!

1. Surin Plaza

Located off the main road running from Cherng Talay to Surin, Surin Plaza is a high-end shopping centre where you can find numerous fashion boutiques selling designer apparel, jewellery shops offering unique pieces and numerous art galleries scattered throughout the mall.

Surin Plaza Phuket Thailand

2. Melisanaa

Just across the road from Surin Plaza, you will find an unassuming building housing one-of-a-kind boutique Melisanaa, offering designer apparel and accessories from reputable labels. If you have the patience to sift through the selection, you might just be able to score a sample Gucci item or some secondhand D&G at a fraction of the price you’d normally pay.

Melisanaa Shop Surin Phuket Thailand

3. Lemongrass

Lemongrass is a long-established and reputable natural spa products shop. Selling high-quality natural products such as essential oils, handmade soaps, bath foams, shampoos, scrubs and many other products, the shop is a must-visit if you like pampering your body with 100% organic bath items (and who wouldn’t?)

Lemongrass House Bangtao Phuket Thailand

4. Katalina

What’s a holiday without a new bikini?  Katalina is arguably the best store to purchase a new swimsuit while in Surin. If you’re hunting for the perfect bikini while shopping in Surin, visiting Katalina is a no-brainer, as the store only stock high end bikinis which fit like a glove and look amazing.

Katalina Collection Surin Phuket Thailand

5. Paul Ropp

Paul Ropp is a well-known clothing brand with one of their stores located just opposite Surin Plaza. Selling impressive hand-woven silk and cotton clothing, you will be amazed by the quality and unusual colours of the apparel. A great place to pick up something unique and chic to wear on your tropical holiday.

Paul Ropp Shop Jimbaran Bali

6. Island Bliss

You will be spoilt for choice by the incredible range of stylish apparel and comfy beachwear offered at Island Bliss. Tribal and tie-dye prints, neon hues and animal patterns make the clothes offered at this youthful boutique turn anyone wearing them into the reigning queen of any party!

Island Bliss Shop Surin Phuket Thailand

7. Le Route de la Soie Resortwear

Le Route de la Soie Resortwear is a world-famous Asian label, creating amazing silk summer wear, swimsuits and accessories for both men and women. First launched in Bali, Le Route de la Soie can now be found now in all the major resort islands throughout the Asian archipelago. The brand offers affordable high-quality apparel that’s ideal for the hot tropical climate.

Le Route de la Soie Resortwear Sanur Phuket Thailand

8. Bohdi

Celebrating Japanese minimalism and Chinese attention to detail, Bohdi sells unique and gorgeous objects and decor items for your home and office. Decorative stone jars, antique Chinese cabinets and Asian partitions are only a few of the interesting vintage items offered at Bodhi.

Bohdi Shop Surin Phuket Thailand

9. Oriental Living

Oriental Living is a luxurious interior design store selling an ample array of antiques and modern furniture brought from Burma, Laos, China, Cambodia and other Asian countries. You will find some unique Buddha statues, unusual indoor and outdoor furnishing and house decorations handcrafted from hardwood. Even if you don’t feel like shipping heavy furniture back home, Oriental Living is a great place for getting some decorating ideas while shopping in Surin.

Oriental Living Sanur Phuket Thailand

10. Central Wine Cellar

While your better half is shopping away at Surin Plaza, head next door to Central Wine Cellar, a store offering a fantastic selection of fine wines from all over the world. Surprise your significant other with a great bottle of wine to celebrate your epic holiday in Phuket!

Central Wine Cellar Sanur Phuket Thailand

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