Those travelling to Bali (or anywhere in Indonesia for that matter!) usually have to do at least one thing upon touching down: change your local currency into Indonesian Rupiah holiday spending money. If you ever travelled to Bali before, you might know that there many money exchanges at every step; however, these can often vary widely in their given exchange rates. Ministry of Villas discloses some of the best money exchanges in Legian and gives pieces of advice on how to protect yourself from any fraudulent or excessive transactions that could occur.

Money Exchange in the Airport

One of the first and most obvious places that comes to mind when talking about money exchanges is the airport. Indeed, this is probably the safest place to make a currency exchange. Considering the immediate vital necessity to pay for the taxi to your accommodation, exchange here accordingly as needed (but if you are staying in one of the Ministry of Villas properties then our private drivers will be already waiting for you on arrival to chauffeur you to the villa so no cash needed).


If you don’t have a hotel transfer, you will need Rupiahs just on arrival. The money exchange office appears on the right once you exit. However, do not expect a high rate. Thus, change enough of a considerable amount to pay the taxi and to cover expenses for the rest of the day/night, until you can find a reputable money exchange.

Money Exchange Legian Bali

Central Kuta Money Exchange

The authorised and credible currency exchange Central Kuta Money Exchange is one of the oldest and reputable offices in Bali. Countless outlets are spread all over the island, and it won’t be difficult to find one of them in walking distance from your hotel in Legian. The one in Raya Legian street, for example, is open daily from 8.45 am until 9.15 pm. There are usually no crowds, and it has good rates.

Money Exchange Legian Bali

Other Authorised Money Exchanges in Legian

Other good currency exchanges are Legian Money Exchange, BMC Legian, and Legian Money Changer. All of them are authorised, working under the supervision of the guardians, and with no commission charged.

Money Exchange Legian Bali

Finally, we want to advise you avoiding at any cost changing dollars in the hole-in-the-wall currency exchanges. These fraudulent “offices” are working with no government permission, and earning profits on the credulity of tourists. The professional swindler working there has hundreds of tricks on how to hide or steal the banknotes, and you will never be aware until you double check it in the hotel. So always stick with the proper banks, and remember that you get charged each time you draw out, so do so sparingly.

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